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John Wilson is a Network Marketing (MLM) coach & mentor.The Mission

The fanatical mission of this site is to help you – the discontented but eager network marketer – to easily build your business online.

To help you grow it without the horrors of home meetings or the dread of cold calling…

To generate endless leads on autopilot and then convert those leads effortlessly.

Yes, this really is possible for YOU, no matter your level of experience or success to date.

And yes, your home business can be FUN again!

John Wilson?

John is a home business entrepreneur and mentor.

He is an internet marketing geek, introvert, conspiracy theorist, snowboarder, property investor, rubbish drummer, committed Christian and doting uncle.

Having failed spectacularly at two network marketing opportunities (one of them twice!), John finally cracked it and grew a downline of 161 people in 12 months, part time.

He is passionate about helping other network marketers get success online and become financially free, just like he did.

Training at a Recent Team Event

The Backstory


My name’s John and I’m a recovering Network Marketer.

Well, OK, not quite…

I’m recovering from what my network marketing business *used* to be. More on that in a moment, but first, let’s turn the clock back a bit.

Oh but before I do, can I have your permission to be completely open in this post? I’m going to reveal stuff about myself that my mum doesn’t even know.


Because 1) I think it’s important that if you’re going to consider working with me at any point, it’s important that you get to know me a bit first.

And 2) I think it’s good to know that leaders in this industry didn’t pop out the womb as a fully formed internet / MLM success stories.

No, I had some ups and downs and challenges to tackle along the way. And if something in here encourages you to keep going or inspires you to make a change, then it’d be worth it.

OK cool, here goes…

Born in Glasgow in 1973. Hebridean roots (that means my family is from a Scottish island that makes lots of whisky). Suspected Viking ancestry.

I was a quiet, studious kid at school (though I always secretly wanted to go wild and I guess I overcompensated a bit later on). And I usually got picked last at sports.

My – long distant – Uni days were a blur of partying and playing with robots (I studied Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science). How I managed to come away with a half-decent degree still baffles me…

I worked in IT for a while, first in Bristol and then in London. Latterly, I worked for a company that made software for banks.

By many people’s standards I was successful but I was working silly hours, I had someone telling me when I could go for lunch and who’d pull me up for being late in the morning.

boardsI like my bed, what can I say?!

Around that time, I saw an ad for a free seminar about property investing. It was by a guy named Warren Borsje (who has apparently since shared stages with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mike Tyson). I found out recently that the poor guy was found dead in a hotel room in Bali in early 2015. He was just 41 – my age – may his soul rest in peace.

But in that short seminar, Warren inspired me to pack in my job and get into property investing.

I moved back to Glasgow and started investing in property (but not before I went traveling in South East Asia and snowboarding in Canada for a couple of months!).

I bought a few rental properties and got a part time job in the letting agency that I’d found to manage the properties.

Network Marketing 1.0

It was around this time that had my first exposure to network marketing.

I loved the concept and I thought it would be a nice add-on to my property business. I gave it a fair shot.

My main strategy had been generating leads online but although I followed up relentlessly, nobody joined my business. (I now know exactly why that was.)

I quit to re-focus on property. And swore never to do network marketing again.

I thought I’d have a bash at options trading too – how hard could it be, right? Pretty hard, it turns out… I lost thousands.

In 2005, I went backpacking with my sister. I fell in love with an Argentine woman and decided to stay. You see, because of the exchange rate, the small property portfolio I’d built up by this point allowed me to live pretty comfortably in Argentina, without having to work.

While the romance didn’t work out, this experience really made me appreciate the beauty of residual income and I came home with more resolve than ever to achieve the same kind of financial freedom in the UK.

IMG_1712From my early days in property, working at a letting agency owned by a former drug smuggler with an incontinent dog (true story), I built up a multi-million pound buy-to-let portfolio and my own letting agency, managing a couple of hundred properties.

All was not as rosy as it might sound though…

I had a badly-chosen business partner turn on me (police were involved) and I was forced to buy him out of the business. The experience sent me into a bout of depression… That was the trigger but I suspect it was more to do with all the recreational drugs I took in the 90’s. Depression is something that I’ve struggled with on and off ever since.

Also, I was working ridiculous hours again and this time, I didn’t even have time for lunch, never mind a holiday! If that weren’t enough, I had staff calling in sick, skiving and even stealing from me.

Can you see how this was totally not the self-employed paradise I thought it would be?

So again, I hit the reset button and sold the lettings business.

Twice Bitten?

Oh and in there somewhere too, I let someone else talk me into network marketing again.

Not only that but into the exact same MLM that I’d failed at before, how lame is that?!

But this time I had no time to even try to build a team. And relying on my staff to convert tenants into customers… Well, basically, forget it!

And so, for a second time in my life, I swore never to do network marketing again…

Faith Out of the Blue

What comes next is a bit random but I have to briefly include it because it had such a profound impact on my life…

In 2012, an email I received from internet marketer Mark Anastasi changed my life. I won’t bore you with the details but it sent me on a journey of research that led me to the realisation that the Bible (yes, that Bible) is prophetic… It predicts events throughout history before they happened.

This totally blew me away and I knew there could be no other explanation but that the Bible was divinely inspired.  That meant that Jesus must have been serious when He was going on about all that heaven and hell stuff so I became a Christian there and then.

Becoming a Christian is by far the best thing to ever happen to me – I now know where I came from, why I’m here and where I’m going. Having a personal relationship with the Creator of the universe is pretty cool too :)

I don’t bring my faith into my business relationships too much but I’m always happy to talk about it with anyone who’s interested.

drumThe Banksters Move In

After having narrowly avoided getting wiped out in the 2008 financial crisis (that business partner I mentioned lost over 400 properties as a result), I didn’t want to leave all my “eggs” in the property “basket”.

So, I diversified online and taught myself internet marketing.

I failed at yet another MLM around this time (will I ever learn?!). After burning a good bit of warm market and getting laughed at by friends, I yet again swore off network marketing for life.

But I did become the number one UK affiliate for a big property education company. I was working on a few other online projects too and I was really quite happy with the way things were going…

Not Again…

But then this guy I knew from the property world called Billy phoned me up and asked if I’d take a look at something he was working on.

I was getting used to this by now and guessed that it was another MLM.

I was veeeery hesitant because I’d sworn (three times) not to do this, remember?

But Billy had done 7 figure sales online and I thought it would be pretty cool to work with him. So when he wouldn’t stop bugging me (OK, sorry, prospecting me professionally!), I took the bait.

This time round though, I applied what I’d learned about internet marketing to my business and I smashed it, building a downline organisation of 165 people in the space of 12 months (part time, without any proper systems in place).

I talk about some of the exact strategies I used to get those results in my boot camp.

I’ve since achieved one of the top ranks in my company and this is really just the beginning.

If you got this far, then I salute you!

If you related to my story in any way at all, it’d be really cool if you’d drop me a quick comment below…


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