(Me vs You) What weapon would you pick?

One of the greatest copywriters who ever lived (now sadly passed away), Gary Halbert, used to do a little exercise with his students, using a burger restaurant to illustrate one of the most powerful and important lessons in selling…

Gary would ask his students: “If you and I both had hamburger restaurants, what advantage (weapon, gettit?) would you pick over me in order to make your business more successful?”

What advantage would you pick?

Gary’s students would typically answer along the lines of:

  • Better meat to make the burgers with
  • A nicer dining area
  • Sesame seed buns
  • A good selection of sodas
  • Blah blah

When it came to Gary’s turn to state the advantage that HE wanted, he would just say:

“A crowd of hungry people”.

Seems stupid-obvious when you think about it, doesn’t it?

It’s absolutely no different when it comes to online business either. And all too often, we join an opportunity or an MLM and we’re given a great product to sell and a great sales page (if we’re lucky) and we’re wished “good luck”.

Sound familiar?

Well, what if you had a tap you could just turn on and out would gush a stream of these “hungry buyers” Gary was talking about?

Well, what if I told you, I can give you access to that tap? Within minutes from now, you could have those hungry “opportunity seekers” kicking down your door, begging to do business with you.

It’s easy as 1-2-3…

All you have to do is:

  1. Decide how many “hungry buyers” you want to see your site
  2. Point them at your website
  3. Turn on the tap!

Here’s your tap. All you gotta do is turn it on…

John Wilson

Founder, marketermaker.com

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What Kim Kardashian’s robbers can teach us about making bank online

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock these last few days, you’ll know that Kim Kardashian was robbed in her Paris hotel room this week and had over $10 million worth of stuff stolen (including her giant diamond engagement ring that Kanye gave her).

(To be fair the only reason I heard about this was because I was at my Mom’s house and that tends to be the only place I ever see any television!)

Now, you may not give a flying fruitbat about the lives of the Kardashians or Kanye’s of this world — I certainly don’t — but there’s a wee lesson in this story for us all the same…

You see, the local police believe the robbery to have been an “inside job”.



  • The robbers knew what hotel and room number they were staying in
  • They came at the exact time when the only security guard was out
  • They knew exactly where the jewellery was

In their words “it was the perfect opportunity on every level”.

Now, not for a minute am I suggesting you rob your nearest A-list celebrity (or do anything remotely unethical for that matter!)…

But I want you to ask yourself: when it comes to making dineros online, do you want to be the guy (gal?) stumbling about in the dark and getting nothing or the one finding the “jewels” every time?

Sadly 99% of folks who try online bidniz fall into the “stumbling about in the dark” category. But if you want to give yourself the best chance of being a 1%-er then jump into something that’s tried and tested.

Jump into something that has everything you need to succeed on a silver platter (plus my support).

Jump into something that paid out over $517,288 to its members in a single week, during launch.

And I guarantee you will not be stumbling about in the dark.
(Or have to break into any hotel rooms ;)


Happy husslin’

John Wilson

Online Success Mentor

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Traffic Authority® Review + BONUS [1 Thing I Don’t Like]

In this Traffic Authority review, we will reveal how you can easily use the groundbreaking Traffic Authority program and traffic to create a strong second (or replacement!) income for yourself and your family.

I'll uncover what Traffic Authority is, how it works, how you get paid and also my limited-time Traffic Authority bonus.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this Traffic Authority review covers both the Traffic Authority retail traffic packages and the Traffic Authority business opportunity. The awesome Bonus I am offering is available for both the retail traffic and the biz opp. That is all :-)

I know an extremely powerful commission structure when I see it and I suspect you do too, if you're on this page :-)

​Oh and one thing's for sure, you won't get this Traffic Authority bonus anywhere else! (Hint: you'll want this bonus as it will dramatically increase your success with Traffic Authority.)

Get ready to finally discover a solid online opportunity that doesn't sell snake oil but a real, in-demand, highly sought-after resource!

Let's do this...​

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Pure Leverage Review

I'll warn you now that this will be kinda unlike any other Pure Leverage review you'll find...

Although I'm obviously a Pure Leverage affiliate, I am going to remove my rose-tinted specs and will *not* be sweeping any "negatives" under the carpet.

I've been around the internet marketing block a few times and I don't sign up to any old junk...

But by the same token, I don't succumb to the MLM haters; I know an extremely powerful commission structure when I see it and I suspect you're the same if you're on this page :-)

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What works for me (to earn dineros online)

Got this message from a subscriber:

“I am trying to do money online but I have no experience and I feel a bit lost… At the moment I feel frustrated because I do not have enough money to do what I want and I cannot stay without doing nothing, I always was a workaholic and I would like to create an income online but I do not know how and I was wondering if you can help.”

I totally get her struggle — I am also a bit of a workaholic and I understand how hard it must be, having a burning desire to work but not knowing where or how to apply your energy.  

There are so many ways to make money online and in a way that’s part of the problem.

Information overload, anyone?

The method you choose depends very much on your skills and personality and, not knowing her, I don’t know what these are. But what I *can* do is reveal what worked (and continues to work) for me.

The first success I had online was with an authority website (in the property investment education niche) I built on the SBI! platform. To date this is the single most profitable online project I have done and I have since used it to build a great, sustainable business.

The site I built generates affiliate revenue but most importantly, I used it to build a list (a list is arguably the most valuable asset you can possess in online business), which grows by anything up to 20 fresh leads every day, on autopilot, with free traffic. I then promote products, services and training to that list as an affiliate.

Sounds great. But it was a heck of a lot of work. To make SBI! work, you gotta like writing. Notice I said “like”, not *be good at*. You don’t have to be good at writing, they teach you that. You just need to like it. Or at least not mind it, anyway!

Here’s a review I did of SBI! on the blog:


The core of what I do is really email marketing. In the IM niche, I get some leads from my Marketer Maker blog but find it faster to build my list using paid traffic from the likes of Traffic Authority (review here) and solo ads, which I then store in my Pure Leverage autoresponder and promote various offers to, again as an affiliate.

That said…

If you hate writing (apart from the odd email), then this works like gangbusters…


Happy husslin’

John Wilson

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Importance of Emailing Every Day and Accountability

I owe you an apology…

No. 1, I’m sorry that you’ve not heard much from me since you signed up.

But I need to apologize to myself as much as I do to you…

You see, I’ve been slacking a bit in my online bidniz for the last few months. I’d been travelling for a while, I got married and then went on honeymoon (as you do)…

Yes, boo hoo, I know…

And yes, I was blessed that the passive income from said bidniz allowed me to do all that slacking (six emails sent to one of my lists whilst away virtually paid for our honeymoon)…

(Again, boo hoo.)

But now it’s time to get back to el hussle!

And part of that means that I’ll be writing more emails.

I’m aiming for one every weekday (gasp!), so if you are shy of a few missives in your inbox of the “less ordinary” variety then do yourself a favour and unsubscribe right now by clickety-clicking the link at the bottom of this email.


For the hardier breeds out there that are still with me (that’s you, sunshine), there are two small lesson-ettes tucked away in the paragraph above:

Lesson #1 — if you have a list, you’re doing yourself (and your list, funnily enough) a big disservice by not emailing them every day (more of which later, probably)

Lesson #2 — if you let someone know that you’re gonna do something (like I just did to you) then you’re more likely to do it (cos I’m gonna look pretty darn silly if you don’t hear from me again tomorrow)

Otherwise, stay tuned for more of what you *need* to hear and less of what you *want* to hear. That is, fawning “X-purts” telling you “it’s not your fault” that you’re not making any dineros online (gimme a break, the day you wake up and realise it *is* your fault is the day you turn your fortunes around).

But sadly most won’t and prefer to have their lug-holes tickled with that kind of Bravo Sierra.

Anyway, if you’re ready to get a-husslin’ with me then check out the linky-link below…


John Wilson

P.S. The post above was an email that went out to my list; if you’d like to get internet marketing and business tips of the less-ordinary variety to your inbox every day, simply sign up here.

MLM Lead Generation

Are you attracting leads to your business with MLM lead generation? Or are you still killing time and resources chasing your increasingly unenthusiastic warm market?

The new online MLM lead generation of network marketers is challenging the traditional methods of building a Network Marketing business.

Online MLM lead generation is not a matter of one way being right or wrong it is just a matter of using the "advantages" that are available for marketing on the internet and maximizing the power of new Web 2.0 technologies to grow your business faster (and easier!) than ever before.

my lead system pro

The World Wide Web is undergoing a change in the way that people interact and network with the growth of Social Network sites. There are thousands of Social Networks springing up all over the web (in fact there are over 2000 already!), and this represents a tremendous opportunity for smart business owners to generate leads for their business for free.

Sites such as Facebook and Myspace are well known, and used, by the Generation Y's to socialize and share information, images, and music, etc. But social network marketers now do maximize these sites, and many others, to generate leads for their businesses and explode their downline recruiting.

My Lead System Pro

But that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using internet marketing and social networking in particular to grow your Network Marketing business.

What's Social Networking?

Any site that allows the users to generate content by interacting, sharing information and connecting with other users is a social network site.

This new online MLM lead generation of websites are called Web 2.0 sites or technologies, and their growth is phenomenal.

How can you use Social Networking sites to generate leads?

There are so many ways to generate leads for free utilizing Web 2.0 sites that it can be quite daunting when you first start. To describe each method fully, I would need to write a complete book, but I would like to give you an outline of each so that you understand the options you have available and some example websites to start with.

my lead system pro review

My Lead System Pro Review

Kindly note that these are just some of the free internet marketing options available to you and most overlap regarding maximizing your positioning in the "natural search" results for search engines.

Your free "Social" Internet marketing options include:

Content Sharing: Example sites: Squidoo, Hubpages - Where you only post information to share with others. You could be posting information about a single idea or event (such as an upcoming training) or simply sharing information about yourself or your company. These are sequential style posts that are intended to create interest and enhance your positioning on search engines.

Article Posting: Example site: Ezine Articles, Idea Marketers - Taking content sharing a step further, you become an Author and create articles (much like this one) designed to educate and inform. You then can 'post' these items to various sites on the internet so that they can be viewed and shared with e-Zine (electronic magazine) publishers.

MLSP Review

While article posting may increase your search engine ranking, the intention behind Article posting is to give good information to your content so that online publishers will use your articles in their ezines and extend your marketing reach to their readers.It gives you an opportunity to speak to a highly targeted group and positions you as an expert in your field.

Book Marking: Example site: Digg, del.icio.Us - Services that allow you to "flag" or "bookmark" individual pages on the internet that interest you. It allows you to form a network of all of the places on the internet where you have content and link them to each other. Ideal for improving your search engine traffic and also allows your web visitors to access all of the information you have posted online.

Fantastic to cross promote with other marketers and to 'give back' to other authors that you believe are offering valuable information.

mlsp review


Social Sites: Example sites: Facebook, MySpace, Direct Matches, Yuwie, Wowza - These are networking or social gathering sites for internet users. Much like offline networking clubs, users set up a personal profile and then introduce themselves to other members.

Online the networking is done by requesting other users to become your "friend" and view your profile. You can then swap information and, depending on the site, communicate with groups with users with similar interests.

Blogging: Example sites: Square Space, Blogger - A Blog in its basic form is simply an online journal. A place where you can share your knowledge, thoughts, feelings, opinions, etc. with the online community.

Many people keep personal blogs to let family and friends know what they are up to; others post blogs to rally support for their organizations or causes while business owners can use blogs to share updated information with their customer and to advertise their business.

To be strong, a blog needs to be "updated", or have posts added to it frequently - most popular blogs have daily (or more frequent) postings.

MyLeadSystemPro Review

Blog entries tend to be shorter and more relaxed in nature than article postings and often include pictures and videos. All online network marketing campaigns should include a blog as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Video Sharing: Example site: YouTube - The social media that is exploding beyond all belief. This technology allows you to create a video and uploads this to the Web for other users to view. Video sharing has already made superstars out of previously unknown musical artists by the "viral effect" created when users share the videos with their friends and networks.

For the network marketers, video sharing is powerful as you can create a video, upload it, then link this to your other social marketing such as blogs, networking sites, content sharing lens, etc., etc.

Plus much more, the opportunities appear endless but is important for you to know that the emphasis in social network marketing is to provide good information.


MLM Social Media

If you approach these methods only with the idea of "selling", either your product or your opportunity, then you will quickly find that you run out of "friends" that are willing to hear your message. Exactly like word of mouth advertising in the offline market.

So where do you begin? I suggest you concentrate on one technique at a time & get your first listing "up" as quickly as possible. If you spend too much time trying to make your first article perfect, then you will probably never actually post anything at all.

If you are new to the internet or social marketing, then I suggest that you follow a step by step program that shows you exactly where to start.

The top resource that you should use and recommend is MLSP (My Lead System Pro). This system teaches you not only how to generate leads for free, but how to "monetize" the process so that you can generate revenue through the process.

It helps to overcome another obstacle for many Network Marketers of not having enough cash flow to build their business. Two things every Network Marketer needs -- more leads and greater cash flow! The perfect combination.

myleadsystempro review

MLM Online

Remembering of course that anything you do in building your Network Marketing business needs to be duplicatable by your team.

The exact system that you chose, or the methods that you use, are less important than the mind shift you need to do in order to recognize the value of this new marketing system and then get into action to implement this into your business.

So put down that cell phone, stop cold calling leads and commence your Social Marketing campaign today -- MLM lead generation is the best way to go.

You will be amazed by the opportunities that are available to you if you spend the time and energy in learning to maximize Social Inter-Net-work Marketing.

The fact of the matter is that without any MLM lead generation skills, you will struggle to grow your business and make any money from your opportunity.

John Wilson

Skype me: johnnyfavorite

Email me: john(at)marketermaker.com

Or simply send a message.

Image credit: Good vs. Evil by Louis K.; used under licence.​

How to Earn Money Online

How many blog posts are there about how to earn money online?

Thousands? Millions? Too many?

Perhaps. However, there is a problem.

The majority of them are just sales pitches that are aimed at convincing you to register for some training session, webinar, seminar, or some other way to be a successful online entrepreneur.

Many actually give online money making opportunities a bad reputation. Nonetheless, it is very possible to earn money online. I mean, the individuals selling all those multi-millionaire pitches are making money online, right?

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