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SBI! Reviews

Sorry to to disappoint but this will be unlike any other SBI! or Site Build It reviews you'll find online...

Although I am obviously an SBI! user, I am not an "SBI! snob"... There are things that I'll admit I don't like about it!

I run a successful WordPress site too (this one), so that means that I can give you a fairly balanced perspective.


To date, my SBI! project has been my single most profitable project online (out of dozens!). And all with free traffic, at that.

Yes, I have built subsequent sites on WordPress but do you know what? I build my WordPress sites using the principles and disciplines I learned in SBI.

You see, most blogs fail...

Not because of bad technology, but because they lack planning. They lack focus. They lack good writing for the web.

They lack the ability to sell without selling.

Yes, they lack all the things that SBI provides.

So, yes, I'll reveal some of SBI!'s warts but hopefully help you decide if now is the right time for you to go with SBI, yourself.

Oh and one thing's for sure, you won't get these SBI! bonuses anywhere else! (Hint: you'll want these bonuses as they will dramatically increase your success and profitability with SBI.)


(If you prefer video, you can watch the video version, below.)

IMPORTANT: If you want my bonuses, please be sure to clear your cookies before purchasing!

How I Built An Email List of 7,052 and Turned That Into $31,834.88 in Under 24 Months

Nothing speaks louder than a bit of proof... especially on the interwebs. So here goes... I'm not showing this to boast but there's a lot of crap out there on the internet...

There are also a lot of SBI! naysayers. 

So I just wanted to kick off by showing concrete proof that what they teach and the systems they provide, actually work.

And they work for newbies too. That's exactly what I was when I started with SBI!

I'd never made a cent online before. Or even tried. SBI was the first thing I tried. And it worked. Really well.

And God knows I've tried many, many programs, systems and gimmicks since and NONE worked anywhere near as well as SBI. In fact I lost money with many of them!

SBI! Earnings: Monetization via niche-related affiliate Program

And that's just my main income source for the site. I have several other smaller ones too.

SBI! teaches you how to monetize your site in various different ways, depending on what is suited to your niche.

So If SBI! is So Awesome, Why Did You Move to WordPress?

That's a darned good question, Mr or Ms reader, and one that needs to be answered...

Well, my original SBI! site is still cranking away but for my next site, I guess my inner geek got the better of me in the end. I wanted the freedom to be able to install the latest gizmos and gadgets onto my site at will.

And that's what I did. Did it improve things?

Hmm, to be honest I think the jury's still out on that one. Thinking about it, I've had a few bad technical problems and had my WordPress sites hacked and actually lost a couple of them (thankfully less important ones).

And that wouldn't have happened with SBI.

SBI! also comes as a WordPress plugin.

One thing that you can't really do with SBI! that WordPress (or rather the themes and plugins that you can get for it) is build sales funnels -- for your own products -- and membership sites.

Those are things that you might want to do as add-ons once you get your SBI site motoring. And when you do, you can actually get a WordPress site and integrate it seamlessly into your SBI one. So you can have the best of both worlds.

Or if you decide you must have WordPress, then you can now actually get SBI! as a WordPress plugin.

So, What Do You Get?

There's plenty of info on the stuff you actually get on the SBI! site so I won't go into loads of detail. What I will do though is give you a brief overview, along with my critique.

Website Designer

There are dozens of site design templates available, appropriate for just about any niche you can think of.

SBI! has traditionally been criticised for producing ugly sites.

It's a fair cop -- some of the ugliest sites I've ever seen are SBI! ones...

But I'll say 3 things about this...

1. New templates have been added recently that are lightyears away from the bad old days. 

Stylish new responsive templates make the bad old days a distant memory...

2. Some of the ugliest sites can -- and do -- produce astounding income, so don't let looks fool you!

3. The templates are highly customisable and I managed to get my site looking pretty decent by doing that (and that was using one of the old templates!)

Templates are highly customizable (without tech skills!)

Page Builder

When I joined SBI!, the page builder was kinda stone age. 

That's all changed now, and it's now fully drag and drop and point and click. I've used a few editors of this type and I've got no complaints about it. I enjoy using it actually.

SBI reviews

The new SBI! page editor: fully drag and drop

Site Concept 

I should have put this first actually, because with SBI, nothing else gets done until you've figured out your site concept. This part of the process is so, so important to the ultimate success of your website.

SBI guides you expertly through choosing the niche/sub-niche that will be the theme of your site. It does this based on various vital criteria:

  • How many people are searching for that topic?
  • How much competition is there from other sites?
  • How monetizable is that topic?
  • How passionate are you about the topic?

Keyword Research

This bit is all about discovering the search terms (or "keywords") that people are typing into Google to find info on your topic.

SBI scam

SBI makes this a breeze and once you find the popular terms, SBI helps you create a plan for your website based on these keywords.

This plan is essential to your site's success.

One of the keys to SBI's exceptional SEO results is it's use of "silo" site architecture. This can be tricky to implement with WordPress but is a doddle with SBI.

So, What's The Difference With SBI?

You might be asking what's the difference is between SBI vs WordPress, or a regular "blog".

Again, a good question.

To illustrate, let's imagine for a moment you've never driven before...

Someone gives you a car, leaves you on your own and wishes you good luck. That's WordPress.

Now, let's imagine that instead, someone gives you a car, gives you intensive lessons and coaching on how it works, how to drive it and how to get the best performance form it. They also give you an auto shop and team of engineers that help tune your car for optimum performance and help fix any problems, should they arise.

Now, that is SBI!.

Are you starting to see the power of SBI?

Here are just a few of the main practical differences between SBI! and WordPress.


  • SBI! relies almost 100% on on-page SEO to get ranked in Google. This means that it is ultra-safe when it comes to Google algorithm updates. 
  • The SBI! site building process has been engineered to help you build a profitable business
  • SBI! has everything you need to get started built in. Nothing to install or configure. This makes it ideal for technophobes or newbies.


  • Previous Google updates have killed sites that relied on off-site SEO, where most SBI! sites were immune!

  • There is no site building process: WordPress is just a blogging platform.
  • To get a similar set up in WordPress, you'll need to buy hosting, install WordPress and configure it, find and install plugins and find and purchase external tools.

Will SBI Make Me Rich Overnight?

site build it review

Err no.

But then again, nothing in the online space will (even if it promises to).

And I think deep down you realise that.

No, SBI!, just like any business -- whether online or off -- takes a bit of good, old fashioned hard work.

BUT -- if you choose a topic for your site that you're passionate about (which you absolutely must or you've failed before you even start), then it won't seem like work at all.

It'll be a joy. And that, right there, is the heart of SBI!

Once you get past all the initial planning and keyword research -- which SBI expertly guides you through -- you are going to spend about 90% of your time on writing content.

Who Is SBI! For?

SBI! is for you:

  • SBI! is for you if you're a total newbie or technophobe and you want to cut out all of the hassle of getting hosting and installing WordPress and plugins and themes and all of that jazz
  • SBI! is for you if you want all the tools and training that you need to build a viable online business together, in one place
  • SBI! if for you if you're prone to getting distracted by shiny objects. It has an uncanny ability to get you to focus and block out distractions
  • SBI! is for you if you like writing. But remember, if you're kind of "meh" about writing, you just have to write a set of well-optimized pages and you could be set for life.

Is SBI! Worth It?

For fun, I decided to see what it would cost if you bought just a few of the components you get with SBI! separately, from popular vendors...

I was shocked to discover that you'd be paying over $75 per month for what comes included with your monthly SBI! subscription of just $39.99! Or over $900 vs $365, if you go for the annual option.

This is definitely testament to the value you get with SBI. And I've not even included a bunch of stuff you get with SBI! that you can't even get anywhere else: the training, the community, the workflow etc etc etc

SBI! Price Comparison




Aweber: $29/mo


Premium WordPress Theme

Thrive: $147/year


Keyword Research Tool

WordTracker: $27/mo


Web Hosting

Hostgator $7.46/mo








What is SBI Support Like?

Support is North America based and is provided by a ticketed / email based system.

GotBackup Support

I've had cause to contact them just 2 or 3 times over the past few years and response has always been fast and efficient.

There's also a huge online community forum where you can go for support, inspiration and feedback.

SBI! Review: Pros and Cons

Well, I promised a balanced SBI! review, so are there any drawbacks? Well, yes there are one or two, but unless you're planning extensive customizations then I don't think there are any showstoppers.


  • Complete online business
  • Unbeatable price for the value you get
  • Training and business process you just won't find anywhere else
  • Keeps you focused on income producing tasks
  • Very fast, extremely secure and uber-reliable hosting
  • Braindead-easy to use web page editor
  • Newbie friendly
  • I could go on but I'll leave it there for now :-)


  • Proprietary platform, but I say this is actually a benefit!
  • Site templates used to be ugly but better ones have now been added, plus they're easy to modify to your taste

Is SBI! a Scam?

If you arrived at this post by typing "SBI scam", then I'd like to congratulate you... You clearly have your head screwed on and are not willing to jump into any old deal without checking out some SBI reviews first, to see if it's legit...

Well, I can assure you that this time, you've hit upon the real deal. Of course, this is a real business we're talking about here and will *not* make you a dot com millionaire overnight. But if you're prepared to put in a bit of graft and most importantly: be consistent and persistent with a few simple activities, then you're going to win in the end.


Writing this Solo Build It review has done something I didn't expect. It made me realize how much I learned form SBI! and just how valuable it really was in getting me to where I am now.

Hopefully this review has made you realise that it's for you or it's not and if it has then I'm glad to have been of service.

Why not drop me a few words in the comments to let me know your thoughts, or any questions you have.

SBI! Bonus

OK, after this epic SBI! review, you're probably excited to know what my Solo Build It bonus is! 

Well, I had fun putting this bonus package together for you so I hope you enjoy it :-)

Bonus #1: List Building Training Program (Value $497)

Well, for those that take action now and sign up to SBI! by following the instructions below, I will give you free unlimited access to my List Owner training program.

List Owner is a course about email list building and this is precisely the skill that will really amplify the earnings that you'll be making from your main SBI! site.

  • 7 Modules of Step-By-Step Video Trainings & Tutorials!
  • Over 3 Hours of No-Fluff, Results-Oriented Content!
  • BONUS #1: List Building Checklist!
  • BONUS #2: List Building Mind Map!
  • BONUS #3: Course Slides in PDF Format!
  • BONUS #4: Lesson Audios in MP3 Format!

Bonus #2: 1-1 Chat Consultancy (Value $997)

I'll give you 3 months of private 1-1 consultancy via Messenger or WhatsApp. Use this if you ever get stuck or want help brainstorming site ideas, or if you're looking for inspiration on how to monetize your site.

Bonus #3: SBI! Video Case Study (Value $197)

An exclusive sneak peek into my SBI! business as I lift the curtain on how I used my SBI! site to build an email list of 7,052 and how I turned that into $36,025.96 in revenue in the first 24 months.

IMPORTANT: How to Claim Your SBI! Bonuses

In order to claim your bonuses, simply:

  1. VERY IMPORTANT: clear your browser cookies FIRST! If you don't know how to do that, you can find simple instructions for all browser types here.
  2. (Only after clearing your cookies!), sign up for SBI! here
  3. Finally, forward your order receipt to support [at] and you'll be given instant access to your bonuses.

In addition (and this is valuable), you'll get the support of an experienced internet marketer (me!), whenever you need it.

I look forward to hearing your SBI! success story! :-)

Solo Build It Review: Income Disclaimer

Folks, as I'm sure you've gathered from this Solo Build It review, very lucrative income is entirely possible with the system. HOWEVER, individual results will vary wildly and if you sit on your butt, you may end up earning nothing at all! 

John Wilson

Skype me: johnnyfavorite

Email me: john(at)

Or simply send a message.

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    I have purchased SBI through your affiliate link so that I can have access to your List Building Training program. Sent email to
    Does your list building course teach a newbie, who has no experience?
    There is one question that I have always wanted to ask about writing articles/webpages for my own site. If I am an infopreneur, is it required for each article on my website to have a call to action? I don’t want to feel like I am selling upfront.

    1. Hey Eric — thanks for dropping by. Yes, absolutely, the course takes it back to list building 101, especially for newbies. In answer to your question: yes. But there are calls to action and then there are ***CALLS TO ACTION!!!***, if you get my drift. If you’re content marketing as opposed to creating a direct sales page then you’ll want to have your calls to action on the more subtle side. If people are engaged by your content then they won’t need to be shouted at to click on your links. You also have the option to have a call to action to get people to subscribe to your list (which I suggest you do) and that can be a bit more in your face (you’ll see mine in the sidebar of this page). You can also experiment with an exit pop etc to do that too. Hope that helps! John

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