Buy Website Traffic: Rabid, High-Converting Biz Opp Seekers

How to buy website traffic and not lose money.

We’ve all heard the saying, “You get what you pay for”...

Never is that statement more applicable than when it comes to buying real website traffic.

When it comes to website traffic, the name of the game is quality not quantity. There are seemingly endless numbers of so-called ‘professionals’ out there who will make big promises, giving you the opportunity to buy US traffic for your website.

Before you delve neck-deep into this rabbit hole and turn over your hard earned money, be sure to research whether this ‘opportunity’ will actually let you buy real website traffic, or if it will simply drain you budget while producing no results.

Here are some expert tips on how to buy website traffic with confidence, and what to avoid...

buy website traffic

Buy website traffic packages for every budget

Beware: You can’t buy real website traffic on a farm

Cheap traffic is false economy. Again, think of the phrase, “You get what you pay for.”

It might look like you’re getting a great deal when you buy website traffic from one of these ‘professionals’ that promises you endless numbers of clicks or visits, but the name of the game is quality. Some of these cut rate website traffic firms are actually what are known in the industry as “click farms”, based in third world countries.

What is a “click farm”? It is a large collection of people who are paid to do nothing more than click on ads in a third world country!

Buy US Traffic

It is worth the money to invest in website traffic that will actually produce results and enhance your bottom line, and in order to do that, you need to buy website traffic that is considered "top tier". Top tier website traffic comes mainly from the US and Canada.

If you’re going to buy website traffic, make sure you buy real website traffic. And if you’re going to buy real website traffic, make sure you buy US traffic.

buy us traffic

Beware: You can’t buy real website traffic with Bots

Again, avoid the false economy. Sites that claim to let you buy website traffic on the cheap don’t only employ “click farms” in third world countries, they sometimes also use fake "bots" to artificially drive your numbers up. Don’t be fooled, because you may get traffic from these sources but they will not buy anything!

This is commonplace with traffic purchased through cheap solo ads or Trust me, I am speaking from painful experience here!

Buy website traffic that's flexible

The best internet marketing firms out there allow you to be flexible in your spending and your reach. You don’t always need to buy traffic that promises 3,400 clicks, perhaps you just need 170 clicks, to test out a new offer. Look for flexibility in options and terms.

Beware: Fake traffic doesn’t lead to real conversion

It stands to reason that if you buy web traffic that contains fake clicks and bots, you won’t see much in the way of sales or conversion on them. Whatever service you provide, a bot or an underpaid worker in the third world is unlikely to want to purchase it. You need to have exposure to real website traffic.

mlm traffic

Look For: Positive (and real) testimonials

If you’re looking to traffic, you need to be on the lookout for real and positive testimonials. Beware and research the testimonials you find, as there is an entire subeconomy of fake testimonial services out there, and many of the ‘services’ where you can buy web traffic on the cheap are filled with fake testimonials.

Look for a company that not only provides top tier website traffic (again, I cannot stress this enough: Buy US traffic.), but also has glowing and real testimonials that show where the service helped raise the bottom line of the person giving the testimonial.

If you take these tips to heart when searching for quality suppliers, you will see a real difference in your conversion rate and your overall sales. And I’ve got great news for you:

I have already done all your research for you.

After losing too much money with crappy traffic sources, I scoured the internet and found the Holy Grail of high-converting, top-tier US and Canada biz-opp seeker traffic.

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I nearly cried when I ran this traffic!

I nearly cried tears of joy when I first ran it through my funnel and started seeing the sales coming in!

I know all the pieces of information above because I was one of the many unfortunate cases of a small business who lost a lot of money with cheap traffic and solo ads.

These just didn’t convert, and after researching extensively, I realized that if I was going to buy real website traffic, I needed to buy traffic that was going to actually accomplish my goals.

When I found Traffic Authority, I liked the service so much that I decided to partner with them.

Network Marketing Traffic

Traffic Authority is super-flexible, allowing me to choose a traffic package that suits my needs, only provides top tier traffic (seriously, I cannot say it enough: BUY US TRAFFIC), and is even easier than solo ads.

In addition to my glowing testimonial, they have dozens of outstanding testimonials from real people who also wanted to buy real website traffic. Another huge benefit to me (and many others) is that they exclusively deliver MLM traffic, network marketing traffic, home business traffic, biz opp traffic and traffic for literally any business designed to make money online.

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MLM Traffic

Many of the solo ad sellers do not accept these types of businesses and so you can't buy MLM traffic from them. So this was a huge deal for me. I started off my MLM business with very little money, so when I ended up taking a huge loss on website traffic that didn’t convert, it almost destroyed my business.

Traffic Authority literally saved my business, because they delivered MLM traffic that converts and allowed me to buy website traffic that actually bolstered my sales.

Biz Opp Traffic

Just a final word on biz opp traffic... If you are looking to buy biz opp traffic then you're not going to find better than Traffic Authority traffic. 

Empower Network Traffic ​
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If you're looking for Empower Network traffic, then YES, TA traffic will work for you!

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If you're looking for MTTB or MOBE traffic, then YES, TA traffic is going to do you proud!

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If you're looking for Pure Leverage traffic, then YES, TA traffic is just the ticket for you!

iPas2 Traffic Traffic
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If you're looking for iPas2 traffic, then YES, TA traffic is exactly what the doctor ordered!

Other Biz Opp Traffic?

If the name of your biz opp or MLM is not above then don't worry! TA traffic works for just about any opp out there, including My Advertising Pays, DS Domination and more.

What Next?​

So now you know more about how to buy website traffic, you can go ahead and ​check out our MLM traffic packages and see which one is right for your budget.

I'm John Wilson and I'm a full time internet marketer and home business entrepreneur based between Scotland and California (gotta love the laptop lifestyle).

My aim with this blog is to help you grow your business online, just like I did. Read my full story here.

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