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Secret Traffic Source For 100%Top Tier “Biz Opp” Traffic Finally REVEALED...

"Here's How to INSTANTLY Get 100% Top Tier Done-For-You Traffic Sent Directly To Your Network Marketing or 'Business Opportunity' Website"

STEP 1: Select a done-for-you traffic package below

STEP 2: Give us the link you want the traffic sent to

STEP 3: Go drink some lemonade and relax... we'll take it from there!

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Dear Online Entrepreneur,

Are You Tired Of Dealing With Solo-Ad Vendors Who Send Crappy Traffic That Doesn't Convert?

Are you looking for DONE-FOR-YOU traffic for your online business opportunity, MLM or “make money from home” program?

Are you tired of dealing with dishonest solo-ad vendors who PROMISE “top-tier” traffic but end up sending you junk clicks that don’t even convert into opt-ins?

Are you looking for quality traffic of people who:

1.) Live ONLY in the USA and Canada
2.) Are interested in “Make Money From Home” Opportunities

Well, if so, you just stumbled upon the traffic secret of some of the top online marketers in the entire world!

I use this traffic myself and I've been so blown away with the results that I've teamed up with the guys at Traffic Authority to give YOU access to this amazing traffic source too!

But you don’t have to be a “top” online marketer to see great results with this traffic!

We’ve got “newbies” and “gurus” alike getting GREAT RESULTS with our traffic. Just check out what they’re saying for yourself!

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YES!! We Even Send Traffic If You're In One Of These Programs...

biz opp traffic

Bottom line, if you’re in a business opportunity or some kind of “Make Money Online” program, then you want to get your hands on our traffic.

As long as you have a great landing page for us to send the traffic to, you’re good to go!

We ONLY Send You Top Quality Traffic From The USA & Canada

With most traffic providers you never know what you’re getting.

Unfortunately, solo ad providers are notorious for sending traffic from countries you’ve never heard of.

They do this because it’s cheaper for them.

But the reason it’s so cheap is because the traffic is crap.

With our traffic, you’ll NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THAT!

We ONLY send you traffic from the USA & Canada!

To get traffic from ONLY these countries, most traffic providers would charge you up to $2.50 per visitor.

And while quality USA/Canada traffic is definitely worth that much, you won’t have to pay anywhere close to $2.50/click for our traffic.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you serious? Am I really getting 100% USA/Canada Traffic of people who are
SPECIFICALLY interested in making money from home?

A: Yes! Our traffic is 100% USA/Canada and 100% from people who are interested in
making money online and business opportunities!

Q: I noticed your traffic is a little bit more expensive than other people selling traffic.

A: If you want CHEAP traffic, then by all means, gamble with someone else. But don’t
get mad if they send you traffic from non-English speaking countries you’ve never
heard of. Go and ask the BEST solo-ad providers out there how much it would cost to
ONLY get traffic from the USA and Canada… assuming they can even do it, it’s easily
gonna cost you up to 75% more than you’d pay with us.

Q: Do you offer traffic for other niches, or just the “Make Money” niche?

A: Just the “Make Money” niche. So make sure you’re sending the traffic to a page that’s
telling people about a great money making opportunity

Q: Where should I send the traffic?

A: You’ll want to send it to an opt-in (squeeze) page so that you can capture email
addresses and re-market to your leads over and over again. If you’re involved in a
business opportunity or mlm program, then no doubt your company has provided
you with an opt-in page to use. Or, if you’re more advanced, maybe you’ve got your

Q: Can you guarantee I’ll get certain opt in rate or a certain number of sales?

A: Absolutely NOT! Your offer will convert differently than someone else’s, so we can’t
guarantee how people will respond to your offer. We don’t control what’s on YOUR
page. We only make sure that we send you QUALITY traffic!

Q: How soon does the traffic start coming & how long does it take for you to send it?

A: The whole process of ordering the traffic and telling us where to send it shouldn’t
take you more than about 7 minutes to do. After that, we’ll review your page and
we’ll start sending the traffic out USUALLY that very same week (depending on how
many people are ahead of you in the queue).

Depending on how much traffic you ordered and how busy we are, it could take
anywhere from 3 to 30 days to finish your order. The traffic doesn’t come all in one
fell swoop.

If you ever think your traffic is running especially slow then please don't hesitate to
contact support as there are ways we can accommodate you in situations that call for

Q: Can I send traffic to my generic MLM company website?

A: For online MLMs, yes, absolutely. But for traditional offline MLMs, in most cases we don't recommend it as the sites supplied generally aren't optimised for internet traffic. If in doubt, get in touch and I'll happily give you my opinion on your landing page.

Q: Do I need to give you guys any swipe copy or sample emails or anything like that?

A: Nope, our process is SUPER simple! Just place your order and then tell us what link
you want the traffic to go to! That’s all there is to it!

Q: How do you guys make sure that the traffic is quality?

A: This is where we’re different than everyone else!

We send all of our traffic through our proprietary "Real Time Conversion Engine"
before it's released to you. Our "Real Time Conversion Engine" weighs the quality of
the traffic in real time, based on internal conversion rates from a given traffic source.
If a source's conversion rate doesn't meet our strict standards, it's stopped
immediately. If the click/visitor qualifies as “legit” then it’s sent over to your site! This
ensures that you'll pay only for what your traffic is worth, and you'll never waste
money on a flood of worthless clicks.

Q: What if I want to order more traffic.

A: It’s EASY. Once you create your account with us, you just log back in at any time and
order as much traffic as you wish! It literally takes 2 – 3 minutes to re-order traffic!

Q: FINALLY! A legit source of QUALITY traffic of people interested in making money
online and business opportunities! How do I get started?

A: It’s simple. Just click on the order button below. Create your account and then order
your traffic & tell us where to send it. The whole process only takes a few minutes to
complete and we’ll start getting your traffic over to your site ASAP!

Click the "BUY NOW" Button to Start Getting Your Top Quality Done-For-You Traffic!

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