Get Paid to Take Surveys


Get Paid To Take Surveys

How many times have you seen an email hit your Inbox with the title, “Get Paid to Take Surveys”?

If you’re like most internet users, this has happened to you a lot. Unfortunately, the spam and ‘too good to be true’ element of the “Complete Surveys for Money” messages have overshadowed a real and potentially life changing fact:

You can get paid to take surveys online or over the phone, and you can complete surveys for money with reputable companies that are not out to scam you, steal your personal information, or take your money.


In reality, companies thrive and better their product through customer feedback. Most customers do not take the time to report any constructive criticism after using a product, unless the feedback is blatantly negative.

This one sided reporting of information leaves businesses with a large gap in consumer wants, needs, and desires. In order to fill this gap and further their knowledge of what the customer wants and how to improve their product line, many companies employ survey organizations to get honest and critical reviews of their offerings.

Completing Surveys for Money: Beware Scams!

Completing Surveys for Money

Beware Survey Scams!

Due in large part to the overabundance of scams that are conducted under the guise of getting paid to take surveys online, the need for data is going largely unmet for many legitimate and honest business ventures.

As a way to encourage and ensure authenticity of their surveys, these legitimate and honest businesses offer high compensation for the time, efforts, and trust of the individuals who choose to provide honest feedback and critical information about their product.

What Can You Earn Taking Surveys for Money?

According to a recent article by Rosalind Gardner, making a real living while working at home taking surveys for money is both viable and attainable. A family income could be increased as much as $6,000 annually with only part time effort, while a more concentrated effort could easily yield an annual salary of $30,000.

Surveys That Pay Cash

An Annual Salary of $30,000 is Possible

While other family members might consider taking a part time job out of the home for $9 an hour, one could expect to make nearly $14.50 an hour by doing legitimate surveys. "A part time effort can easily yield an additional $300-500 per month.

With focus and commitment, $1,500-2,500 is reasonable to expect". Bear in mind that “full time” effort when taking surveys online is 3-5 hours a day, far less than any other retail or brick and mortar job.

These numbers are average earnings that individuals can make when taking surveys for money as a form of personal income. Whether people seek out these opportunities to complete surveys for money as a main source of income or as a supplemental stream of money, the fact remains that there are real opportunities for anyone who is willing to do the work.

Be Careful Who You Work With!

In the same article, 3-5 hours of effort resulted in a consistent paycheck of $2,600 for Deborah Casey of Portland, Oregon and her personal best month was $4,600.

Individuals who want to complete surveys for money, however, must exercise caution when choosing who to work with as well as employing high levels of organizational skills and attention to details. While the work is easily done in the home, it still requires attention and dedication.

There are several factors to consider when choosing what company to work with as well as tips on how to create the most successful experience possible when setting forth to complete surveys for money.

Do Your Research

Taking Surveys for Money

Do Your Research!

This is a two pronged effort. First, do the research to discover what research marketing companies are out there and what their hiring practices are. Understand how you get paid and when you get paid (many companies pay regularly through sites like PayPal or direct deposit, while others still print and mail checks).

There are many online databases of research marketing companies, and finding a reputable one will set you on the right path. The second part of research is derived from researching the online database. If you have found yourself using employing a scam database, you will find yourself in a vulnerable position. Choose carefully.

Set Up a Separate Email Address

If you want to get paid to take surveys, you need to expect to get a lot of mail regarding those surveys. It is highly recommended that you create a separate email address for just surveys and mystery shopping in order to keep organized and also keep your personal email removed from your work.

Be Honest

Many of the research companies have a rating system, as well as a database of your information and past answers. Since the intent of these research companies is to get honest and real feedback from customers, it is critical to them that your answers are honest and valid. Dishonesty can result in negative ratings or feedback by the research companies and seriously effect your hireability.

Get Paid to Take Surveys: Conclusion

There are ways to complete surveys for money, but you need to be willing to take the time and effort to make it happen. Don’t let the hype fool you – there is real money to be made in survey taking.

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