What Kim Kardashian’s robbers can teach us about making bank online


So, unless you’ve been living under a rock these last few days, you’ll know that Kim Kardashian was robbed in her Paris hotel room this week and had over $10 million worth of stuff stolen (including her giant diamond engagement ring that Kanye gave her).

(To be fair the only reason I heard about this was because I was at my Mom’s house and that tends to be the only place I ever see any television!)

Now, you may not give a flying fruitbat about the lives of the Kardashians or Kanye’s of this world — I certainly don’t — but there’s a wee lesson in this story for us all the same…

You see, the local police believe the robbery to have been an “inside job”.



  • The robbers knew what hotel and room number they were staying in
  • They came at the exact time when the only security guard was out
  • They knew exactly where the jewellery was

In their words “it was the perfect opportunity on every level”.

Now, not for a minute am I suggesting you rob your nearest A-list celebrity (or do anything remotely unethical for that matter!)…

But I want you to ask yourself: when it comes to making dineros online, do you want to be the guy (gal?) stumbling about in the dark and getting nothing or the one finding the “jewels” every time?

Sadly 99% of folks who try online bidniz fall into the “stumbling about in the dark” category. But if you want to give yourself the best chance of being a 1%-er then jump into something that’s tried and tested.

Jump into something that has everything you need to succeed on a silver platter (plus my support).

Jump into something that paid out over $517,288 to its members in a single week, during launch.

And I guarantee you will not be stumbling about in the dark.
(Or have to break into any hotel rooms ;)

Happy husslin’

John Wilson

Online Success Mentor

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