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From the desk of: John Wilson BSc


This letter is NOT SEXY...

Well, maybe just a little ;-)

This letter DOES NOT reveal the latest “Online Cash-machine Loophole”... And it DOES NOT unveil the next “Push-Button Riches System”...


Because these things are FANTASY and DO NOT EXIST... BUT I do understand that you’re here because you probably haven’t found what you’re looking for online yet...


You’re fed up of all the scams, hollow promises and “guru” hype... And you just want a REAL, PROVEN, SAFE online business... One that’s EASY, SIMPLE and takes the minimum of time to manage... Well, I don’t want to be presumptuous but I believe you’ve just stumbled on the ultimate online money generating system available today... 

My name’s John Wilson... I’m Scottish, a Christian and a full-time internet marketer... I became fed up with the rat-race of my IT career... And the uncertainty of real estate investing business... And I’ve been earning money online since 2012... 

I love the freedom that that gives me; especially the freedom to travel...In fact, I’m coming to you from my apartment in Curitiba, Brazil... I’m here on semi-permanent vacation, just running my businesses from my laptop...

And if you stick with me...

"I’ll show you how I can help you FINALLY get your BREAKTHROUGH online..."

You see, I’ve been where you are... I know how you feel... I’ve spent thousands of dollars on every single online strategy under the sun... And nothing worked for me... And I mean NOTHING... I was frustrated because I know I’m not dumb... And I’m not lazy either... I’m a hard-worker, so I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get anything to work... If you’re the same then you’re probably nodding your head right now...

But you need to realise that it’s not your fault... We were just fed the same BS, probably by the same gurus... But one day in 2012, I finally cracked it... I forget exactly how, but I realised I had to build a list... For those new to the game, I’m talking about a list of email subscribers... Those in the game a while, will know the famous saying... “The money is in the list”... Well I found out it’s true..! And as my list grew, I started to sell products to them and make commission whenever they purchased...

"I Ended Up Becoming The Number One Affiliate For A Seminar Company I Promote!"

Here is a screenshot of one of my affiliate accounts...

And another...

And this shows me on the daily leaderboard for another program I promote...

The beauty of having a list is that if you have the right relationship with them... They will purchase products that you recommend to them... Put simply -- every time you send an email to your list, you can make money... Just think -- if you had 2,000 people on an email list... You send out that email... And you ONLY get 1% of them to buy a $50 product...

Guess how much money you just made..?

Yup, 1% of 2,000 people is 20 people... If they each paid $50, then you just made $1,000..! I know that may sound crazy but it happens on the internet every day... It’s a COLD, HARD FACT... That anyone making any sort of big money online... No matter what niche they’re in... All have one thing in common... They all have a MASSIVE EMAIL LIST...

"Here’s what some of the BIGGEST names in internet marketing have to say about list building..."

(Now, while my lawyer tells me I must point out that none of these guys endorse this program or have even heard of me for that matter, they do speak words of wisdom, so listen up!)

Derek Halpern Social Triggers

If you're not building an email list, you're making a huge mistake!

If I have one regret, it's not focusing on building our email list earlier.

Joe Pullizzi Content Marketing Inst.
Pat Flynn Smart Passive Income

One of the biggest mistakes I made ... was not starting an email list right from the start.

Now, did you notice a common theme there..? That’s right -- they wish that they’d started building a list SOONER..! Are you getting this..? Do you see that having a list is the secret sauce that you need for success online..?

Most marketers in the internet marketing niche report averages of $1 in earnings per subscriber per month... So if you have 100 people on your list, you should make $100 a month... And if you have 1000 people on your list, you should be making $1000 a month... And so on...

So how do you build a list..? It’s actually pretty simple...

Step #1 - create a “squeeze page” to collect email addresses

Step #2 - after people give you their email, sell them a product to cover your advertising costs

Step #3 - buy advertising to send people to your squeeze page

So why isn’t everyone doing this..? Well, it’s because there is quite a bit going on behind those three steps... You have to...

  • Create a product
  • write a sales letter (or hire a copywriter for $$$$)
  • create upsell products
  • get and integrate a merchant account
  • create a website to sell and host your product
  • create graphics for the site
  • set up your autoresponders
  • etc, etc, etc

All that’s a bit overwhelming though, right? And that’s why most people struggle to make money online... Well, is it OK if I show you a way I can help you shortcut most of that

I'd Like To Introduce You To My Powerful New List Owner” Program

In it, I’m going to show you how to cut out most of the grind that I mentioned... By promoting OTHER PEOPLE’s products instead...

  1. Affiliate Marketing: short-circuit the drudgery of product creation by promoting other people's products to earn commissions of up to 100%.
  2. Email Marketing: how to have your list hanging on your every word and hungry to buy the products you recommend.
  3. Monetization: we reveal the ultra-high commission programs that we use to get the biggest possible payoff from your list.

Here’s what you’ll discover in the List Owner program...

  •  how to build your list whilst coming as close to break-even or even profiting on the front-end
  •  how to sell to your list on complete autopilot for months, even years on end!
  •  how to find awesome products/offers to promote
  •  what to look for in an offer (and what to avoid like the plague!)
  •  we reveal hard to find ultra-high-commission programs that we use ourselves
  •  how to get traffic to your squeeze page (both virtually free and paid)
  •  the best, proven traffic sources (and those to avoid like the plague!)
  •  how to write sparkling, engaging emails that your list can’t wait to open
  •  how to build a relationship with your list so that they go wild to buy the stuff you recommend
  •  how to start that relationship before you even send them an email, by doing something that 99% of other marketers online are NOT doing!
  •  I’ll show you the exact tools you need to easily run your online business
  •  ...and how to set them up

Unlike some other courses, this is NOT a text-book, pie in the sky, theory type course... With hundreds of modules that will just leave you confused... It is straight to the point, no fluff and laser targeted to get you RESULTS... With EXACTLY what you need to succeed and no more..! 

In short, prepare to become a master list-builder in no time flat..!

"I am going to take you by the hand and show you how to build a profitable list FAST..."

Even if you’ve never made a cent online before... And even if you know a big fat ZERO about techie stuff... If you can send an email, you can do this..!

And don’t worry about time either... You can be through the training, be set up and have ordered your first traffic in a few hours flat..!

I’m sure at this point you’re excited to know what all of this is gonna cost you, right? Well, I’ve seen this kind of program for sale for anything up to $3,000... But I want to make this program accessible to as many people as possible... So I’m not going to charge $3,000... I’m not going to charge $997... $297... Or even $97...

I’m going to let you “steal” this program for a one-off payment of just $7... So, why have I priced it so low..? Well this is a brand new program, so I need to gather success stories... Once I have documented success stories, I will be able to charge a lot more..! But I only want action takers on this program...

So, if you want to be one of my success stories then take action now and grab it while it’s hot... And after you click the button below and buy now... You’ll get immediate access to our exclusive members area, where you’ll be able to start your training immediately... And be building your brand new list... And making money as soon as 48 hours from now...

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If...you’re not completely blown away with the value of the List Owner program... Or even just slightly underwhelmed... Then I demand that you contact me (via the support link inside the training area) and I will give you a full refund... No questions asked..!

"Just imagine what having your own income-producing list would do for your life..."

What would an extra $300, $1000 or even $5000 extra per month mean for you and your family...? Would you pay off some loans? Buy a bigger house? A car? A holiday? That could be in your future very soon if you take action now... And start earning what you’re worth..!

Oh, and I want to make it so this is a complete no-brainer for you... So we have a full 60 day money back guarantee... If you’re not completely blown away with the value of the List Owner program... Or even just slightly underwhelmed... Then I demand that you contact me and I will give you a full refund... No questions asked..!

So go ahead and click the button below now to join us in List Owner today, for instant access to the exclusive members area... And I’ll see you in there..!

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention the bonuses!










Get Started Now For A One-Off Investment Of Only $7

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"It’s a COLD, HARD FACT... That anyone making any sort of big money online... No matter what niche they’re in... All have one thing in common... They all have a MASSIVE EMAIL LIST...”

John Wilson

P.S.: Remember, once I get some solid testimonials for this brand new program, the price will go up. So take action an jump on board now and let's start building your list together!