10 Network Marketing Books That Will Change Your MLM Life!


Network Marketing Books

In this section, I want to share with you some of my favourite network marketing books and MLM books.

To be fair, they're not all network marketing books.

There are other books too, that I feel have helped make me a more effective home business person: motivational books, books about financial independence, wealth and personal development books.

Network Marketing Books

Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard

This book changed everything.

When it first came out in 2006 or so, it really shook up an industry that has been "duplicating" the same marketing model since the 1920's.

Mike showed how you can grow your home business without harassing friends and family, without home parties and without cold calling. In fact Dillard's principles inspired this very site.

If you read just one MLM book, please, please let it be this one! 

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The 4 Color Personalities for MLM by Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

Reading this book was a genuine eye-opener.

Tom Schreiter exposes the four different personality types that you'll find in network marketing. He then shows you how to blow up your conversion rates by talking to each type in their own specific language!

Whilst this might sound a little complicated, the different types are actually really easy to recognise and so is the "language".

You'll find yourself recognising the different types that you have in your team and you'll laugh out loud when you recognise yourself!

Schreiter writes in an engaging and often humorous style and this is a quick and easy read.​

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Go Pro by Eric Worre

Seasoned network marketer turned super-trainer Eric Worre's Go Pro is a classic primer for the network marketing business.

It goes over the benefits of network marketing over the traditional JOB model and teaches the basics of prospecting, enrolling and leadership required to build a network marketing business.

Some information may seem basic for the experienced marketer but there are so many great nuggets of info in this book that make it a really valuable read.

Great to buy for a new rep in your team or to introduce a prospect to the business.

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Your First Year in Network Marketing by Rene & Mark Yarnell

This book ​does exactly what it says on the tin.

The first year in your MLM business is often the hardest and sometimes the most discouraging.

Yarnell offers you tips and strategies for getting through your first year, building a solid foundation for a long and profitable network marketing career.​

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The 45 Second Presentation by Don Failla

​This great little book gives a series of awesome stories or parables that illustrate different key concepts in network marketing.

Use these with your new or existing reps and prospects to paint a picture in words for them that explaining just never could​

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Network Marketing for Facebook by Jim Lupkin

​Have you burned your warm market and want to do some prospecting from the comfort of your favorite armchair?

Well, this great book on Facebook prospecting shows you how to prospect on Facebook the right way (shame more ​FB marketers didn't read this!).

Lupkin teaches you everything from setting up your profile correctly to how to make sure you don't end up in Facebook "jail".​

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How to Build Network Marketing Leaders by Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter

​Do you have a team of leaders or of helpless followers?

Written in his inimitable humorous style, using stories and parables, "Big Al" will show you how to develop leaders in your team.

He'll show you how to develop ​a culture of people who take ownership of their own success and problems and do the same in their new recruits.

Ultimately he'll show you how to build a sustainable business that can easily function ​without you. Isn't that the goal of building a successful business anyway?

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I hope you enjoyed this selection of prime network marketing books and found something that interests you. Reading these MLM books certainly enriched my own business.

John Wilson

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