Network Marketing Blogging: 7 Steps for Promoting Your MLM with a Blog


Network Marketing Blogging

When done properly, network marketing blogging is a deadly-effective way to bring in free MLM leads for your business.

But that’s not the main reason that I blog...


No, the main reason that I blog is to *brand myself*.

When I first discovered it, I tried attraction marketing in many forms without a blog.

(I wanted a shortcut to be completely honest with you.)

But guess what, I failed miserably.

Now, my blog is the hub of my operations and you have no idea the difference it has made.

Having a blog is the supreme secret ingredient to attraction marketing, that positions you as an expert to your audience.

Your blog is the lynchpin your attraction marketing strategy and in my opinion, absolutely *key* to your success.

Don't forget that to 90%+ of the population a blog is something rarified that only “experts” can have.

It has a similar effect to having a book published. Only “experts” can have a book published, right?

But the one thing I want to get over to you in this post is that having a successful blog is easy!

And that you can (and should) do it.

As soon as humanly possible.

OK so now we’ve got that settled, onwards...

1. What’s In a Name?

You're building the brand of YOU, so if you’re called Joe Bloggs (no pun intended!) then try domain names (that’s just another name for website name) like these:


I’ve shown only .com domains here because these are pretty much the most prestigious domain suffix (and it is said that Google tends to favour .coms in searches).

​If the .com is not available, the only other option I’d consider is .net.

Why Did You Choose

Well, being cursed with such a common name, most decent John / John Wilson domains are already taken (surprise) so I had to be creative.

Do notice though that although my domain is MarketerMaker, that’s not the primary brand on the site, it’s John Wilson. And yours should be the same.

2. How to Quickly Make a Blog?

The most popular network marketing blogging platform by far is WordPress. It’s mature, stable and dead easy to use.

There is an option to use to host your blog. This is tempting because it’s free and slightly easier.

The thing is though, you won’t own your blog and the domain (web address) isn’t fully branded to you. Those in the know will always perceive a WordPress-hosted blog as slightly amateurish (sorry!).

So... I would suggest that self-hosted is definitely the way you want to go.

A host like Bluehost will let you choose your domain name (you get one free with hosting right now) and give you somewhere for your blog to live.

This is the techie bit that puts lot of people off doing this but I bet you’ll be shocked when you see how quick and easy it is. Watch me do it in 5 minutes flat in this video.

The good news is that if you want to shortcut this part, I can do it all for you.

3. What Should my Blog Look Like?

Keep it congruent with your target audience (see step 6).

In general I'd say keep it fairly professional but I’ve seen some personally branded blogs in the MLM space that are terribly designed / downright cheesy but that are wildly successful (naming no names!).

I think that works because they stand out amongst the noise. And because they have great content, of course.

Just choose a choose a style that fits your personality and do something - be it a color scheme, a logo or a caricature - that makes you stand out from the crowd and makes it distinctly “you”.

You should have a picture of you in the header or near the top of every page.

You can get a logo, site header or caricature done on from $5.

Oh and definitely don’t go for something that looks too corporate - you’re branding you remember, not a washing machine!

A Theme That Wows

A theme is like the “design template” of your blog, it determines its look and feel. There are plenty of free themes available out there but I do recommend a premium theme if your budget can stretch to it.

Premium themes offer extra features that can make your life easier when creating your blog, they tend to have better design and can even speed up your blog.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am a total geek when it comes to tech stuff and that’s why I use Thrive themes. They’re fast, look good and have an awesome drag and drop editor for creating more graphics based pages (like this for example).

Many folks don’t need the full Thrive membership though, so I've decided to offer my readers an easier option: I can install a Thrive theme and all their awesome plugins for a one-off low price. Just message me if you're interested.

A Home Page That Sizzles

Most people will have their latest posts as their home page. This is probably so popular as it’s the WordPress default.

This is a big mistake.

People are in a hurry and you need to capture their attention fast and get across to them what your site is about, and more importantly - what it can do for them!

You can do this with a big bold headline, with video or with pictures, or ideally with a combination of these elements.

I currently go with a cartoon (a picture is worth a thousand words!) but may test other layouts in the future.

You should also have at least one prominent way for people to opt-in to your list on your home page.

4. Don’t Let Your Audience Escape!

I talk about this in more detail in my bootcamp but you're missing a trick if you have a blog and you’re not using it to capture leads for your business.

You need to have an opt-in form on each page, giving away something of value to your audience in return for their contact details.

(Don't have anything of value to give away? Don't worry, the folks at MLSP have you covered.)​

You can have your opt-in form in the sidebar, in the header, as a pop-up, in the footer or even in-line in your content.

All of these at once would be overkill but you’ll see that I use a combination of these methods throughout this site.

My email autoresponder does offer the ability to embed opt-in forms on your site but I prefer a dedicated plug-in like Thrive Leads that allows me to split-test the effectiveness of different layouts, headlines and offers.

5. What to Write About?

When thinking of network marketing blogging topics, do *not* just write about anything.

To be useful, your content should be actionable and relevant to your audience.

Keep it on topic to the MLM niche or the industry vertical that your MLM operates in.

If you are in a health and wellness type MLM and you want to blog about smoothies or heathy recipes etc. then I highly recommend you do that on a separate bog. Otherwise you will risk alienating both of your audiences.

You’ll be considered a “Jack of all trades" but a master of none!

Keyword Based Content

I would recommend choosing a fair proportion of your articles based on keywords (terms) that people are searching for in Google.

I use a paid tool called Long Tail Pro for my keyword research ​but if you're on a budget then you can get similar results with the Google Keyword Planner.

If you choose your keywords wisely, you can often get ranked on Google with solely on-page SEO.

I spent days planning out the content of this site meticulously before I wrote a single post.

You can also do posts that are not particularly keyword friendly e.g. “Top 5 Network Marketing Mistakes” but that will attract traffic and links because they are of interest to your audience.

Ask your audience what they want you to write about! You can have an email in your email marketing sequence that asks them what their biggest challenge is right now in their business and you can answer these questions in blog posts.

As your blog works its magic and you become established as an authority in your niche, your audience will begin emailing and messaging you for advice.

Then you simply base your content around these questions and voila - your blog is fuelling itself!

6. How Should You Write?

Writing for the web is rather different than other types of media or how you may have been taught at school.

People have terribly short attention spans on the web. So you need to match your style to this.

I write in short sentences. Like this one. And short paragraphs.

Like this one :)

Write in a conversational style. And ask your audience questions. Are you getting this?

Also, recommend frequent subheadings that captivate your audience and pull them down the page.

Who Are You Writing For?

I recommend taking a moment to imagine who your perfect prospect (or customer) is. Write it down. How old are they? What gender? Are they overweight? What are are they?

Give them a name. Imagine what they look like. Then imagine you’re down the pub / coffee shop chatting with them. That’s how you write.

If you need a bit of help with this then I suggest you check this out.

7. I’ve Set Up My Blog, What Next?

Next, you need to drive traffic to your blog, build a list and build a relationship with that list.

You should also have a way of earning from the people who say no to your opportunity. You’ll discover how to do all of this in my free bootcamp.

Over to You

Strangely, having resisted blogging in initially, I am now absolutely obsessed with my blog. It's a lot of fun and that probably comes over in this post. In fact you're probably thinking you should get your own blog as you read this!

Do you have a blog? Is it network marketing blogging working for you? What successes have you had? Got questions?

Drop me a comment below to let me know.​


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About the author 

I'm John Wilson and I am a full time internet marketer and home business entrepreneur based between Scotland and California. My aim with this blog is to help you to grow your business online, just like I did. Read my full story here.

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