GotBackup® Review + BONUS = The Netflix of MLM’s?


GotBackup Review

Sorry to to disappoint but this will be unlike any other GotBackup review you'll find...

Although I'm obviously a Got Backup affiliate, this is definitely not one of those one-sided reviews that just does the hard sell and then never calls you again.

I'll be covering the product here but I will warn you that if you came in to look at GotBackup as a consumer... that as you read this you may find yourself also considering the extraordinarily simple and powerful business opportunity attached to it ;-)

​Oh and one thing's for sure, you won't get this GotBackup bonus anywhere else! (Hint: you'll want this bonus as it will dramatically increase your chance of success with the GotBackup biz opp.)

OK, here goes!​


(If you prefer video to reading, feel free to watch the video version below, instead.)

OK, by now, you probably know that GotBackup is a cloud-based data backup utility...

And that it allows you to easily back up unlimited amounts of your photos, videos and files (all plans) from up to 5 computers (Family plan), sync them between computers and even share your backed up files with others (Backup & Share plan).

Now we've established that, let's ask the very reasonable question:

Do I Really Need GotBackup?

Before we go on to the review proper, I just wanted to chuck a few stats out there to show just how much you need to be backing up your files! (Thanks to BCN for the stats.)

[thrive_fill_counter color=”green” value=”31″ before=”” after=”%” percentage=”31″ label=”Of PC users have lost all their files”]

[thrive_number_counter color=”red” value=”140000″ before=”” after=”” label=”Hard drives crash each week in the US”]

[thrive_fill_counter color=”green” value=”60″ before=”” after=”%” percentage=”60″ label=”Of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months”]

'Nuff said. 

So Is The Product Any Good?

In short: GotBackup is simple, easy and does what it says on the tin.

When you install it, it sits as a wee icon on your status bar and just runs away in the background. You can click on the icon and choose to get a status update of backup progress at any time.

I wish I'd paid more attention to this but I'm pretty sure it had my 200 odd Gig of data backed up within a couple of days, which I was quite happy with.

I decided to see how GotBackup measures up against it's main competitor in this space: Carbonite. You can see my findings in the table below.

Competitor Comparison






Price / month



Can pay monthly



Number of computers



Unlimited storage



Windows & Mac support


Video backup 



As you'll see, Carbonite falls down by not supporting Macs or allowing backup of your videos. Nor does it provide an easy monthly payment option, like GotBackup does. 

Is It Easy To Set Up?

Childs play. You simply download the installation file and install on your computer as you would any ​other program.​

I had a slight issue when installing on my second Mac but that was due to a misunderstanding on my part.

I have the "Family" plan that allows you to backup 5 different computers and I was trying to install my second one on the account I'd already used for my laptop. Duh.

What About The App?

An app is available for both iPhone and Android, that allows you to access all your backups on the move.

GotBackup Compensation Plan

GotBackup Smartphone App

You can read the documents and PDFs you have backed up, you can view all your photos​ and you play your videos and it even has a built in music player.

I feel that this wee gadget turns GotBackup into something a bit more than just a backup utility... It gives you the ability to access the files on your home computer any time, any place and adds a real convenience that you didn't have before.

Imagine you're visiting Aunt Mable on the other side of the world, now you can show her all your family photos that you have on your home computer, straight from your phone!

So, if you just came in for the product review, you can go ahead and get started here. But, as I say, you owe it to yourself to take a look at the biz opp too ;-)

Why Am I Excited About GotBackup?

So, what's so good about GotBackup vs any other biz opp you might have come across?

​OK, first off, who do you know who has a computer or a laptop? 

It might be easier to ask who you don't know, right?​

Everyone knows at the back of their mind that they probably should be backing up but they never get round to it because they don't really know how to go about it and think it would probably be too complicated to set up anyway.

You are selling peace of mind

And they just carry on, hoping for the best.

When promoting GotBackup, you are tapping into people's fear of losing their precious files/photos/videos.

Fear is a strong emotion and when people are faced with an easy and painless solution for that fear, it becomes a very easy sell.

You are selling peace of mind. Everyone wants that!​

What's With The Netflix Reference?

​I have Netflix. I pay my $7.99 for it every single month.

Some months I never watch it at all though.

But I don't cancel it... Why?

Because the price ​is so darn low! I just keep it on because hey, I might use it next month!

Same deal with GotBackup. People know that their computer might crash next month and they might need it so might as well just keep paying the $7.99! (Same price as Netflix too, how about that?)​

Staggering 92% Retention Rate

And guess what? The stats bear this fact out. They just discovered that ​GotBackup has a staggering 92% customer retention rate.

That's right, out of the 6000 paying beta clients, 5602 are still customers​ after approx 9 months.

This stat becomes  EVEN MORE impressive when you put it beside the pitiful typical retention rate in the home ​business sector of around 30%. (Stat below from Melaleucia.)

[thrive_fill_counter color=”red” value=”34″ before=”” after=”%” percentage=”34″ label=”Typical home business retention rate”]

[thrive_fill_counter color=”green” value=”92″ before=”” after=”%” percentage=”92″ label=”GotBackup retention rate”]

This mind-blowing retention rate can also be attributed to how easy the service is to set up and then "forget".​

As you may know, I strictly do my business online, but dare I say that GB is actually the one product that would probably be quite easy to promote in person, in the "real world".

GotBackup Compensation Plan

The GotBackup compensation plan is rather special in that it pays out 100% of the product subscription fee to affiliates.

pure leverage comp plan

This means that you'll be getting a full 100% commission on anyone you sign up, for the first month they are a member.

Then, from month 2 onwards you'll get 50% commission plus a matching bonus on all your direct referrals' earnings. 

Matching bonus just means that you get 50% of your direct referral's income (after month one, where they get 100%, just as you would).

How Can They Give 100% Commissions?

100% commissions are made possible by the reseller fee that you pay in order to become an affiliate.

The reseller fee is $19.97/month but remember: you just have to make 2 or 3 sales (depending on the plan your customers take), in order to permanently cover this.

In addition, ​if like me, you already promote the company's other program -- Pure Leverage -- then you don't need to pay the reseller fee twice; one payment covers both programs.

What's the Support Like?

GotBackup Support

Out of all the online support services I've used, I'd have to say that of GotBackup / Pure Leverage is one of the better ones. Ticketed support is available but with real-time chat also available, why wouldn't you use that for quick response? 

I usually get through to the live chat almost immediately and it seems to be available 24 hours, so all good there.

They're based in Russia I think but their English is pretty good and ​they're very helpful indeed.

GotBackup Review: Pros and Cons

Well, I promised a balanced review, so are there any drawbacks to GotBackup? 

OK, let's put it this way, GotBackup CEO Joel Therien is not a details guy.

And I am.

So I notice things like the typo on the menu in the back office that read "TUTOTIALS". (Yes, I reported it to support and yes, they corrected it and yes, I was delighted ;-)

So, sure, the back office is a wee bit rough around the edges and the design isn't going to win any style awards.

But that's not the point... I'm not so much of a perfectionist that I can't see past that to what I believe is a very solid product with a powerful biz opp attached to it.

Pros & Cons


  • Great product, great branding
  • True mass market appeal
  • Unbeatable price for the value you get
  • Brain-dead simple to use
  • Great customer service
  • Powerful compensation plan
  • Phenomenal "stick rate" due to price point and service type
  • Newbie friendly
  • Selling "peace of mind"
  • Mobile app means files are available on the go too


  • Slightly clunky back office (applicable only for affiliates, not customers)
  • Only backs up PCs, Macs and drives, not phones or tablets

Is GotBackup a Scam?

If you arrived at this post having typed "GotBackup scam", then I'd like to congratulate you... You clearly have your head screwed on and are not willing to jump into any old deal without checking out some GotBackup reviews first, to see if it's legit...

Well, I can assure you that this time, you've hit upon the real deal.

That said, this is a real business we're talking about here and will *not* make you a dot com millionaire overnight. But if you're prepared to put in a bit of graft and most importantly: be consistent and persistent with a few simple activities, then you're going to win in the end.

GotBackup Bonus

OK, right about now you're probably excited to know what my GotBackup bonus is!

Well, for those that take action now and sign up to GotBackup through one of the links on this page, I will give you free unlimited access to my List Owner training program.

List Owner is a course about email list-building and this is precisely the skill you need to master if you're going to make a success of GotBackup, which makes it the perfect companion.

  • 7 Modules of Step-By-Step Video Trainings & Tutorials!
  • Over 3 Hours of No-Fluff, Results-Oriented Content!
  • BONUS #1: List Building Checklist!
  • BONUS #2: List Building Mind Map!
  • BONUS #3: Course Slides in PDF Format!
  • BONUS #4: Lesson Audios in MP3 Format!

In order to claim your copy of List Owner, simply:

  1. Sign up for GotBackup via any of the links on this page or the button below
  2. Next, forward your order receipt to support [at] and you'll be given instant access to the members area.

In addition (and this is valuable), you'll get the support of an experienced internet marketer (me!), whenever you need it.​

I look forward to working with you! :-)

Drop me a line in the comments below with your thoughts or any questions.​

GotBackup Review: Income Disclaimer

Folks, as I'm sure you've gathered from this GotBackup review, very lucrative income is entirely possible with the system. HOWEVER, individual results will vary wildly and if you sit on your butt, you may end up earning nothing at all! Go here to see the GotBackup income disclaimer. 

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