Pure Leverage Review


Pure Leverage Review

I'll warn you now that this will be kinda unlike any other Pure Leverage review you'll find...

Although I'm obviously a Pure Leverage affiliate, I am going to remove my rose-tinted specs and will *not* be sweeping any "negatives" under the carpet.

I've been around the internet marketing block a few times and I don't sign up to any old junk...

But by the same token, I don't succumb to the MLM haters; I know an extremely powerful commission structure when I see it and I suspect you're the same if you're on this page :-)


​Oh and one thing's for sure, you won't get this Pure Leverage bonus anywhere else! (Hint: you'll want this bonus as it will dramatically increase your chance of success with Pure Leverage.)

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Important Pure Leverage Review Stats

Before we go on, it's worth mentioning that Pure Leverage is hardly the "hot new kid on the block" right now. It might even be a bit "uncool". When I was researching it, I was thinking: "does anyone even do Pure Leverage any more in 2024?!".

I found out that yes, they do, and for good reason. 


Table of Contents for this Pure Leverage Review

(If you prefer video then you can watch the Pure Leverage review video, below.)

Pure Leverage

What is Pure Leverage? 

Pure Leverage is both a suite of essential internet business tools and also a lucrative income opportunity that allows members to earn up to 100% commissions.

Whereas some other opportunities ​of this type sell bloated, over-priced info-products, Pure Leverage wins straight away by promoting products that pretty much anyone intending to do business online actually needs and will use.

What this means is that where in many MLM's, the only people using the products are the ones promoting them, in this case, there's actually a viable product that end users will be happy to purchase on its own merits.​

Pure Leverage is endorsed and used by some of the biggest names in the online marketing space: Russell Brunson, Deagan Smith and Mike Filsaime, to name a few.​

So, What Do You Get?

There are two levels of Pure Leverage membership: Level 1, which includes all of the main tools below, and Level 2, which is the "VIP Syndicate".

Level 1 Tools


This is really the core product and the bit that you'll probably use most. For me, everything else is icing on the cake.

If you're new to the biz then an autoresponder is simply a piece of software that allows you to capture and store email addresses of your prospects and then email them in bulk either automatically on autopilot, or manually if you prefer.​

pure leverage autoresponder review

Pure Leverage Autoresponder Interface

The PL user interface is slightly more clunky than other services I have used but it does the job and you won't need any technical skills to use it so it's perfect for newbies.

It has all the features that you'd expect of a commercial autoresponder, plus a couple of other major benefits that I'll cover now.

Pure Leverage Autoresponder Benefits

​First off, Pure Leverage is reported to have excellent "deliverability". (The company claims 100% deliverability.) All that means is that when you send out emails, they are much more likely to reach people's inboxes than go into their "spam" folder. 

This is invaluable as reaching your prospects is the name of the game, after all. I think this is because PL tends not to be used by spammers, whereas they seem to target the more well known autoresponder companies.

Secondly, ​and no doubt because of the low spam levels, if you get a few spam complaints on your account you're not likely to have it taken away from you. This is unfortunately something that happens regularly with the major autoresponder companies as they battle to maintain their deliverability.

These last two points are good reasons in themselves to use the Pure Leverage autoresponder, even if you don't intend to take advantage of the business opportunity.​

Pure Leverage Review: Video Email Service

It's an accepted fact that video is the best way to connect with people and ultimately make sales online. That's why PL includes an integrated video email service.

Pure Leverage Video Email Template Editor

Pure Leverage Video Email Template Editor

You can either upload a video or record one right into the software, format your email and you're good to go.

This is obviously not one for the camera-shy, but it's good to know the option is there if you need it.​

Webinar/Video Conferencing

Another accepted fact is that webinars are the best way to convert high-ticket sales online. (It's no coincidence that they use video to do it!)

PL includes a 100 seat webinar/video conference room that you can use to promote your product, service or opportunity or to connect with a remote team, if you have one.

You can do desktop sharing, movie broadcast, video & voice chat and recording and live polls too.

Pure Leverage Reviews: Blogging Platform

Pure Leverage Blogging Platform Review

Pure Leverage Easy Blogging Platform

The blogging platform provides a very quick shortcut to getting yourself branded online with a web presence.

You'll have your very own blog that is easy to set up and use. The PL blogging platform uses WordPress so is easy to manage and no tech skill is required!

The blog comes with several themes to choose from which can either be Pure Leverage branded or customized to yourself.

The platform is built on enterprise servers so you'll not have any trouble with website speed.

One slight drawback is that you cannot install your own plugins or themes ​on the blog but for basic/newbie use, this is ideal.

Pure Leverage Review: Lead Capture System

​The lead capture system provides a selection of customisable landing pages that you can deploy to gather your prospects contact details.

Against the advanced products in this space like LeadPages and ClickFunnels, this admittedly feels rather basic but alongside all the other value you're getting here, it does the job. If you're just promoting PL then you'll probably end up using their pre-made landing pages anyway.

Internet Marketing Training

If you're new to the internet marketing business then this video course will teach you everything you need to know about closing sales online and building trust and relationships with your list.

The course is led by Pure Leverage owner and 7 figure earner Joel Therien, so you'll be in good hands. There are regular interactive coaching webinars too.

Level 2 Features & Benefits

If you are serious about making chunky recurring income checks with Pure Leverage then the VIP Syndicate allows you to do that. Here's what you get with VIP:

  • ​resale rights to your group for this member level: 100% commission month one, 50% month two onwards plus 50% matching bonus on all your direct members
  • increased autoresponder capacity from 10,000 to 20,000
  • increased webinar/conference capacity from 100 seats to 250
  • customize and private label your conference room
  • membership of the VIP Syndicate social networking platform, to allow you to connect with other members
  • access to exclusive "Words of Wisdom" audio interviews of top internet marketers
  • next level private live webinar coaching series.

Pure Leverage Compensation Plan

pure leverage compensation plan

The Pure Leverage compensation plan is fairly simple but in my humble opinion, not very well explained on the PL site!

Anyway, the benefits of the comp plan are available if you decide to invest the additional $19.97/mo to become a reseller.​

You'll make commissions on VIP sales in your group if you own that product yourself at $97/mo.

So, essentially, you'll be getting 100% commission on anyone you sign up in the first month. So, that means $24.95 for level 1 and £97 for VIP syndicate.

Then, for month 2 onwards you'll get 50% commission plus a matching bonus on all your direct referrals earnings. So that's ​$12.47 and $48.50 for Level 1 and VIP respectively plus the matching bonus...

Matching bonus just means that you get 50% of your direct referral's income (after month one, where they get 100%, as you would).

pure leverage comp plan

Let's look at an example. (Remember that you can only make commissions on the VIP sales if you have purchased that yourself.)

Month 1​

You sign up 5 people at Level 1 = 5 x $24.47 x 100% = $122.35

2 of those upgrade to VIP = 2 x $97 x 100% = $194

TOTAL = $​316.35

Month 2​

You put your feet up and do nothing :-) 

But you still earn the recurring income from your first month's signups, this time at 50%:​

​50% x $122.35 = $61.17

50% x $194 = $97

TOTAL = $​158.17

Your new recruits sign up 10 people between them at Level 1, 4 of whom upgrade to VIP (but you don't see any of that this month because remember everyone makes 100% in the first month!).

Month 3​

For simplicity, let's say you put your feet up again this month and don't get any more personal sign ups.

But you'll still earn 50% on your personal sign ups like you did last month: ​$158.17

Also, you'll now earn the 50% matching bonus on your signups' earnings:

10 x $24.47 x 50% = $122.35

4 x $97 x 50% = $194​

TOTAL = ​$474.52

What Does it Cost?

For fun (and to make this the most thorough Pure Leverage review out there) I decided to see what it would cost if you bought all the components you get with Pure Leverage separately from popular vendors...

I was shocked to discover that you'd be paying well over $200 per month for what comes included with your monthly PL subscription of $24.95.

This is definitely testament to the value you get with PL. And I've not even included the video email service (I don't know anyone else who even does that, to be honest) and the coaching & training!

Pure Leverage Review Price Comparison


Pure Leverage   

Autoresponder (10,000 leads)

Aweber: $69/mo


Landing page builder

LeadPages: $37/mo


Webinar solution

GoToWebinar: $89/mo


Blogging platform

Empower Network: $25/mo





Total inc. Reseller License


If you want to come on board as a reseller and start to make money by promoting the system, then it's an extra monthly payment of $19.97. And remember you'll have that cost (and your subscription cost) covered by the income you make from your first few sign-ups!

Don't forget that there's a 7 day $​1 trial available if you want to test drive PL first!

What is the Pure Leverage Support Like?

Out of all the online support services I've used, I'd have to say PL's is one of the better ones. Ticketed support is available but with real-time chat also available, why wouldn't you use that for quick response? 

I usually get through to the live chat almost immediately and it seems to be available 24 hours so all good there.

They're based in Russia I think but their English is pretty good and ​they're very helpful. I even reported a typo in the members area (perfectionist that I am lol) and to my delight they corrected it for me!

Pure Leverage Review: Pros and Cons

Well, I promised a balanced Pure Leverage review, so are there any drawbacks to Pure Leverage? Well, yes there are one or two, but unless you're planning advanced integrations -- to membership sites for example -- then I don't think there are any showstoppers.

If anything, PL is perhaps a little weak on list-building training and that's what I wanted to address with my Pure Leverage bonus, below.


  • A genuinely useful and complete set of online marketing tools 
  • Unbeatable price for the value you get
  • Autoresponder has excellent deliverability
  • You won't lose your account for spam complaints
  • Great customer service
  • Powerful compensation plan
  • Decent "stick rate" due to essential products
  • Newbie friendly


  • Slightly clunky user interface
  • Advanced integrations to 3rd party software  are limited, but totally fine for "everyday" use
  • Advanced blog modifications not possible due to restrictions on plugins/themes but again fine for "everyday" use
  • Can't install your own plugins and themes on the blog but can choose from a selection of pre-loaded themes

Is Pure Leverage a Scam?

If you arrived at this Pure Leverage review having typed "Pure Leverage scam", then I'd like to congratulate you... You clearly have your head screwed on and are not willing to jump into any old deal without checking out some Pure Leverage reviews first, to see if it's legit...

Well, I can assure you that this time, you've hit upon the real deal. Of course, this is a real business we're talking about here and will *not* make you a dot com millionaire overnight. But if you're prepared to put in a bit of graft and most importantly: be consistent and persistent with a few simple activities, then you're going to win in the end.

Pure Leverage Bonus

OK, after this epic Pure Leverage review, you're probably excited to know what my Pure Leverage bonus is!

Well, for those that take action now and sign up to PL through one of the links on this page, I will give you free unlimited access to my List Owner training program.

List Owner is a course about list building and this is precisely the skill you need to master if you're going to make a success of PL.

(List Owner is exclusive to this Pure Leverage review only; you'll not find it in any other Pure Leverage reviews.)​

  • 7 Modules of Step-By-Step Video Trainings & Tutorials!
  • Over 3 Hours of No-Fluff, Results-Oriented Content!
  • BONUS #1: List Building Checklist!
  • BONUS #2: List Building Mind Map!
  • BONUS #3: Course Slides in PDF Format!
  • BONUS #4: Lesson Audios in MP3 Format!

In order to claim your copy of List Owner, simply:

  1. Sign up for Pure Leverage via any of the links in this Pure Leverage review
  2. Next, forward your order receipt to support [at] and you'll be given instant access to the members area.

In addition (and this is valuable), you'll get the support of an experienced internet marketer (me!), whenever you need it.​

I look forward to working with you! :-)

Pure Leverage Reviews

Thanks for reading my Pure Leverage review, I hope you now have all the info you need to decide whether to work with me (or not!). If you still have questions (I love questions!), just drop me an email on john (at) I look forward to hearing from you.

Pure Leverage Review: Income Disclaimer

Folks, as I'm sure you've gathered from this Pure Leverage review, very lucrative income is entirely possible with the system. HOWEVER, individual results will vary wildly and if you sit on your butt, you may end up earning nothing at all! Go here to see the Pure Leverage income disclaimer. 

John Wilson

Skype me: johnnyfavorite

Email me: john(at)

Or simply send a message.

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