Traffic Authority® Review + BONUS [1 Thing I Don’t Like]


Traffic Authority Review

In this Traffic Authority review, we will reveal how you can easily use the groundbreaking Traffic Authority program and traffic to create a strong second (or replacement!) income for yourself and your family.

I'll uncover what Traffic Authority is, how it works, how you get paid and also my limited-time Traffic Authority bonus.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this Traffic Authority review covers both the Traffic Authority retail traffic packages and the Traffic Authority business opportunity. The awesome Bonus I am offering is available for both the retail traffic and the biz opp. That is all :-)

I know an extremely powerful commission structure when I see it and I suspect you do too, if you're on this page :-)

​Oh and one thing's for sure, you won't get this Traffic Authority bonus anywhere else! (Hint: you'll want this bonus as it will dramatically increase your success with Traffic Authority.)

Get ready to finally discover a solid online opportunity that doesn't sell snake oil but a real, in-demand, highly sought-after resource!

Let's do this...​


(If you prefer video to reading, feel free to watch the video version of my Traffic Authority review below, instead.)

Traffic Authority

What is Traffic Authority?

In a nutshell, ​​Traffic Authority is an online income opportunity that centers around the holy grail of online business: high-quality, targeted traffic.

(For those new to the game, traffic just means website visitors.)​

Imagine for a minute that all the business opportunities, affiliate programs and MLMs on the internet are CARS...

I know.. but just humour me a moment!

Imagine they're cars... Now, what do cars need to run?

FUEL, right?

Now, imagine that YOU own the gas station...

That's a good place to be right? All the car owners need to buy from you, in order to get about.​

Well, that's what being in Traffic Authority ​is like...

You have the fuel (TRAFFIC) that ​the affiliates, biz opp guys and MLMers NEED in order to run their businesses.

Are you getting this? Do you see how powerful that is?​

The Traffic Authority launch in August 2015 bears testament to this, paying out over half a million dollars in the first week! This was due in equal parts to the demand for the product, the hugely effective marketing and the unusually high commissions paid out to affiliates.​

[thrive_number_counter color=”green” value=”500000″ before=”$” after=”” label=”Paid out in 7 days during TA launch!”]

[thrive_number_counter color=”green” value=”3200″ before=”$” after=”” label=”You can earn up to this per sale :-)”]

Some important Traffic Authority review stats

Like a traditional MLM, Traffic Authority offers members the opportunity to build their business by recruiting others ​and also by selling the products to retail customers.​

Unlike traditional MLM's though, internet marketing is not only allowed but encouraged. In fact Traffic Authority boasts the most advanced internet marketing tools I've ever seen in any opportunity, MLM or otherwise!​​

Having done traditional MLM myself and had my hands tied in terms of online marketing, Traffic Authority is a breath of fresh air.​

Who is Behind Traffic Authority?

Traffic Authority is the creation of co-founders Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens, and Chad Stalvey.

These guys have a near-20 year pedigree in lead generation and selling targeted traffic to the internet marketing and home business industry. So we can be sure that we have guys at the helm who know what they're doing.

What's the Big Deal with Traffic?

Before we go on, I just wanted to say a few words about the quality of traffic. Not all traffic is created equal. You find this out after you've been online for a while (and maybe been scammed a few times). And yes, I learned this the hard way!

buy website traffic

Just imagine you open a posh hamburger restaurant and you get loads and loads of visitors to it. Thing is, it turns out that all your visitors are unemployed vegans. Your visitors are not interested in what you're selling and couldn't afford it even if they were!

The same goes for web traffic... You need to be sure that what you're buying is targeted (i.e. they're interested in what you have to sell) and high quality (i.e. they can afford it!).

The traffic that Traffic Authority provides is both targeted and high quality. It comes virtually 100% of the time from "top tier" countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.​ I know, I use it myself.

Is Traffic Authority Traffic Any Good?

In a word... yes. 

I say that from experience... Pain​ful experience of spending hundreds of dollars on crappy solo ads that don't convert. But the experience of running Traffic Authority traffic was altogether better.

I can say without reservation that Traffic Authority traffic is the best I've ever purchased. As long as your offer is good and your followup is decent, then it'll convert for you.​

So, What Do You Get?

Your basic Traffic Authority membership is called "Reseller Licence and Traffic Optimizer". These provide you with everything you need to get started in the business. We'll look at each of these separately and also at the traffic packages which are available.

Traffic Authority ​Reseller Licence

The Traffic Authority reseller licence allows you to get started selling the traffic packages to retail customers. It also allows you to start building your team by sending people to one of the done for you funnels provided. Here's what you'll get:

  • your own reseller site (here's mine) that you can direct your customers to and make sales
  • Traffic Authority 'Done For You' Marketing System, Including The Products, Websites, Sales Funnels, Resources, And Support Team
  • Step by Step Daily Marketing Plans That Will Show You Exactly What To Do Every Day So You Never Feel Stuck Again
  • Access to the Private VIP Facebook Mastermind Community where you can meet the leaders of the company personally and ask them questions.

Traffic Authority Review: Traffic Optimizer

​Traffic Optimizer is a suite of marketing tools that you can use to do just that: optimize your marketing campaigns.

​If any of the stuff here sounds a bit techie, it kind of is... But this stuff is for the geeks out there (like me haha) and strictly optional. Newbies and technophobes can get by just fine using the done-for-you funnels that Traffic Authority supply!

Here's a full break-down:

  • Tracking Links: You can create unlimited tracking links that will track the number of clicks (visitors), leads and most importantly commission earned by that particular link
  • Split test/Rotator: Use this to distribute clicks received between two or more different locations. Use to test between two different squeeze pages or even to implement your own traffic coop
  • Exit Popups: Exit popups can increase the ROI on any given campaign by encouraging leaving visitors to stay on a page, or even click through to a different offer that may suit them better
  • Timers: These can be used to show a configurable countdown timer on any page you wish. Used ethically, these can increase urgency in your visitors and encourage them to take action
  • Site Monitor: This can be used to poll any of your mission-critical sites and send you an alert by text or email, should they ever go down.

Traffic Authority Review: Done-For-You Funnels

There are a plethora of done for you funnels. These include squeeze pages, bridge pages, sales pages and checkout pages.

They're nicely designed and are also customizable to some degree, allowing you to change some headlines, personalise the bridge page with your own video  and control various other settings.

One of the Traffic Authority Sales Pages

The only gripe I have about the funnels is that they use fake scarcity. For anyone not in the know, this basically means saying that an offer is limited -- say by time or by number of copies available -- when in fact it is not, in order to increase conversions.

Fortunately, you can turn this off in most cases where it is used, if you wish (recommended!).​

Traffic Authority Traffic Packages

The image below shows the different packages available for you to either sell or buy yourself.

When you buy traffic yourself, you can either send it to one of your Traffic Authority opportunity funnels, in order to build your Traffic Authority business, or to some other relevant offer or a combination of the two.

(Note that Traffic Authority traffic is highly targeted so only send it to internet marketing, MLM or make money online type ​offers. For goodness sake don't send it to your gardening blog!)

MLM traffic

If you're saying to yourself -- hey these prices seem a wee bit higher than other sellers, remind yourself that their traffic will likely not be virtually 100% top tier i.e. USA and Canada, which Traffic Authority traffic is.

Traffic Authority Review: Back Office

​The Traffic Authority back office is genuinely something else. It's brain-dead simple to navigate but contains everything you need to run your business.

As you can see in the image below, your dashboard breaks down all your hits/leads/sales and earnings over different periods of time and gives you all sorts of other stats too.

Traffic Authority Back Office

The Traffic Authority Back Office

There's a business plan section where you input your "dream income number". You'll be led through exactly what you need to do in order to reach that in your required timeframe.

There's loads of training on everything from social media marketing to video marketing to email marketing and prospecting.

It's out of the scope of this Traffic Authority review but there's even bonus training on productivity secrets and advanced tax planning!​

Traffic Authority Compensation Plan

The Traffic Authority compensation plan hits the sweet-spot between strong residual (recurring) income and high-ticket commissions.

Here's what the commissions look like. In each case, you need to either own each product yourself in order to get commission on it OR you can qualify by selling that product (more on this later).

Traffic Authority Commissions



Traffic Optimizer License Key


Traffic Academy License Key


Basic Traffic Package


Bronze Traffic Package


Silver Traffic Package


Gold Traffic Package


Platinum Traffic Package


Titanium Traffic Package


Diamond Traffic Package


* Note that commission is split 50/50 with your upline (or qualified upline), for your first 6 sales of each product and 80/20 for sales 7 and beyond. This split incentivises and rewards uplines for helping new members to succeed in the business.

Traffic Authority Review Commission Analysis Chart

Qualify by Buying

You can "qualify" to earn commissions on each product in two different ways: the first (and fastest) is to purchase that product yourself. In the case of traffic packages, this will qualify you for all traffic packages up to and including the one that you purchased.

So, for example, let's say you purchased a Gold traffic package. You'd now be qualified ​to earn commission on sales of Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold packages.

Qualify by Selling

(​This is awesome because not many opportunities offer this option!)

The other way to qualify, is to sell three of a given type of product. The commission for the first three you sell would be "passed up" to your upline but after that, you'd be qualified to earn the commission on any sales you make.

Obviously, the quickest and easiest way is to simply buy the ​products yourself but the alternative method is included for those who are on a strict budget.

It's worth stressing that in the case of the traffic products, in buying them, as well as qualifying for that level of commission, you also stand to make some sales in your business too!

What Does it Cost?

The basic membership level: Reseller Licence & Traffic Optimizer, is $47/month. This gives you the rights to sell all of the traffic packages and use of the traffic tools (see above).

If you wish to grow your business faster and qualify for the big commissions more quickly, you can invest in one of the traffic packages. These are priced as follows (N.B. these are a one-off charges, you don't need to keep buying these, unless you want more traffic of course!):

Traffic Authority Traffic Packages

Next, there's a premium training portal (optional) called Traffic Academy for $97/month, which will also qualify you to earn commission on sales of this ​product.

Finally, there's ​the "Premium Reseller" package (again, optional) which gives a few additional benefits and costs $50/month. The cash from this level is meant to go into contests and prize money.

So, there are a few options there and yes, all the monthly subs do add up but if you're tight for cash, I'd recommend going for the Reseller Licence and the biggest traffic package you're able to and take it from there.​

What is the Support Like?

GotBackup Support

​Support is ticket/email based and accessed via your Traffic Authority back office.

I've contacted support a few times as during the "beta" phase, the systems were still in development and had a few teething problems. At that stage, support took a while although it did come and they were helpful.

The last time I contacted support, which was just after launch, it came much faster so I I'm confident that any problems they had in this area should be resolved now.​

Don't forget that you'll also have the support of your sponsor (or at least you should, if you choose a decent one!).​

Traffic Authority Review: Pros and Cons

Well, I promised a balanced Traffic Authority review, so are there any drawbacks to TA? Well, yes there are one or two, but in my opinion, none of them are showstoppers.

The really juicy list-building training is locked inside the $97/month Traffic Academy membership level. So, until you graduate to that level, I've got you covered with my exclusive Traffic Authority bonus, more on which below​.


  • Valuable, viable in-demand product
  • Great culture: webinars, radio show
  • Awesome recurring income
  • Rare high-ticket earnings
  • High-converting, "done for you" funnels and sales pages
  • Super-advanced back office reporting
  • Extremely newbie friendly
  • Make money from the same customers over and over
  • Excellent training by some of the best in the industry
  • Regular contests with big cash and other prizes


  • Retail traffic price is not bargain-basement but it's near 100% top-tier and you can trust totally in the quality
  • Funnels use fake scarcity but this can be switched off or bypassed completely

Is Traffic Authority a Scam?

If you arrived at this Traffic Authority review having typed "Traffic Authority scam", then I'd like to congratulate you... You clearly have your head screwed on and are not willing to jump into any old deal without checking some Traffic Authority reviews to see if it's legit first...

Well, I can assure you that this time, you've hit upon the real deal. Of course, this is a real business we're talking about here and will *not* make you a dot com millionaire overnight.

BUT if you're prepared to put in a bit of graft and most importantly: be consistent and persistent with a few simple activities, then you're going to win in the end.

Traffic Authority Bonus

OK, right about now you're probably excited to know what my Traffic Authority bonus is! Well, for those that take action now and sign up to TA or purchase TA traffic through one of the links on this page, I will give you free unlimited access to my List Owner list building training program.

List Owner is a course all about list building and this is precisely the skill you need to master if you're going to make a success of TA.

List Owner also includes modules on email marketing and affiliate marketing. This is useful because you're building a list with TA and you need other ways to monetize that list besides promoting TA to it!

(List Owner is exclusive to this Traffic Authority review only; you'll not find it in any other Traffic Authority reviews.)​

  • 7 Modules of Step-By-Step Video Trainings & Tutorials!
  • Over 3 Hours of No-Fluff, Results-Oriented Content!
  • BONUS #1: List Building Checklist!
  • BONUS #2: List Building Mind Map!
  • BONUS #3: Course Slides in PDF Format!
  • BONUS #4: Lesson Audios in MP3 Format!

In order to claim your copy of List Owner, simply:

  1. ​Clear your browser cookies (check here if you're not sure how)
  2. EITHER Sign up for Traffic Authority (via sales page or go straight to checkout
  3. OR purchase Traffic Authority traffic
  4. Order any of the traffic packages (I suggest the bigger the better to get your business off the ground FAST).
  5. Finally, forward your order receipt to support [at] and you'll be given instant access to the List Owner members area.

I look forward to working with you!

Traffic Authority Reviews

Thanks for reading my Traffic authority review, I hope you now have enough info to make a decision to work with me. If you want to ask any questions (I love questions!), the best thing to do is email me on john [at] 

Traffic Authority Review: Income Disclaimer

Folks, as you'll see from this Traffic Authority review, a very lucrative income is entirely possible with TA... HOWEVER, individual results will vary wildly and if you decide to sit on your butt you may end up earning nothing at all! Go here to see the TA income disclaimer. My name is John Wilson and my TA username is marketermaker.

John Wilson

Skype me: johnnyfavorite

Email me: john(at)

Or simply send a message.

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  1. My question is, when you buy your basic package, or silver or gold, whatever, is that an ongoing, monthly recurring charge? Do they automatically bill you for the same amount of leads every month? Or do you have to re-order every month.

    1. Hey William — no, traffic purchases are one-off charges only, not recurring (and there’s no obligation to reorder traffic either). That said, if you’re building a list with the traffic and monetizing it properly then you’ll want as much traffic as you can get!

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