USANA™ Reviews: The One BIG Problem. Scam or No Scam?


I am often asked to review MLM businesses, and recently was asked specifically about the Usana scam.

There are a lot of Usana reviews out there, a lot of them toting the great opportunity and benefits of the company, however, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of discussing the question at hand which is, “Is Usana a scam?”

Well, there's no scam as such but there is one big problem...

We are constantly being told how easy it is to make money on your own schedule and how these businesses are out to help others while providing you a full time income and added luxury time.

Is Usana one of those businesses? Well, let’s take a look at it.






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Utah, USA

Nutritional products

Usana boasts a high average income, stating that their Emerald Directors make roughly $4,840 a month in commission. In the next section of the chart, they claim that the LOW end of the commission scale at that level is $151,000 a year.

At first I was confused, because according to my numbers, if the average monthly income for that level is $4,840 that leads to an annual income of $58,080. However, after reading more about their commission system, the rest of the annual income is comprised of bonuses and incentives for having additional members who also are high achieving.

This speaks to the basic premise of multilevel marketing: The harder you work and the harder your team works, the more you can achieve.

USANA Reviews: What About the Product?

USANA claims to provide “Nutritionals you can trust”, and there are many who positively review their products as being positive for their body and health. It seems that the loyalty to the product is secure, which speaks to the quality of the product.

USANA Review: The One Big Problem

There is, however, a problem with USANA. Their method of doing MLM sales is stuck back in the middle ages. USANA relies on calling and harassing your friends and family and filling your Facebook feed with constant chatter about how great their product is.

Aside from straining your relationships with those around you, you quickly run out of hot leads because you’re getting sales based on pity and sense of obligation, not because of a love of the product. That is not a sustainable business plan.

I have a great free video bootcamp that shows how to build your MLM business with attraction marketing and not these primitive methods, and I highly recommend watching it to get a sense of why these other old fashioned MLM businesses like USANA are being left in the past. USANA reviews seem to frequently gloss over this fact.


So, would I say that USANA is a scam?

No, not at all.

This USANA review has found it to be a solid business, however with their old way of doing things, I think it is rather easy to say that your time would be better spent watching the video I mentioned above and finding marketing methods based in the “now” and not in the “then”.

Take a look at our checklist if you need some more info about choosing the right MLM for you.


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