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Affiliate Marketing Coach

Seeking an affiliate marketing coach but aren't sure where to turn amid a pile of alleged influencers and frauds? I'm the go-to coach for people looking to leave their 9-to-5 job thanks to high-ticket affiliate marketing. If you're a beginner or intermediate marketer, I am confident that I can assist you start or progress.

If you need a little help or just some objective feedback, I can help you. I love helping people get off to a great start or have an extra push to keep moving forward with their affiliate marketing company.

What is high ticket affiliate marketing?

High ticket affiliate promoting is simply promoting luxury products or high-ticket items as an affiliate.

Too many affiliates are unable to get out of their jobs due to pursuing low ticket products with insignificant commissions via the net.

But by switching to high-ticket items, we solve that problem because we sell for between a few hundred dollars and $1,000 per client.

I earned an additional $8,945 through this precious metals affiliate program not long ago.

affiliate marketing coach

Who is John Wilson?

I started off as a computer scientist and artificial intelligence specialist, but eventually I grew tired of the nine to five grind and quit it in early in the 2000s. 

I got into real estate instead, and I was quite successful with this, and in 2012 I began a website and began sharing my real estate knowledge.

It was at that time that I started doing affiliate marketing, and soon enough I was winning affiliate competitions in that niche, mostly using free traffic strategies. You'll find some pictures of these achievements below:

affiliate marketing mentor

Eventually, I chose to create and sell digital products in the real estate niche. Later on, I decided to offer a SAAS website builder for real estate investors.

Affiliate Marketing Coaching

I'm not just an affiliate marketing instructor; I've created and marketed information and services in several other fields.

You probably noticed that all of the prices are shown in pounds and not dollars. That is because I'm from the UK, even though I now live and work in the United States, and the majority of my dealings were in the UK up until very recently.

What will the coaching cover?

Our training continuously includes contact with myself, and each training program is customized for the student, but some of the ways we can train you are the following:

  • Niche selection
  • Choosing products that you will promote
  • Picking your content strategy
  • Formulating your traffic plan
  • Mind-set issues
  • Tech issues & initial setup
  • Funnels or website hosting setup
  • Copywriting
  • Accountability
  • Maintaining focus on the task in hand, and away from distractions
  • Much more

How quickly can you get results from affiliate marketing?

One of the most challenging aspects for new affiliate marketers is how rapidly can you start seeing results? 

It entirely depends on how much time you devote, plus which traffic strategies you employ.

On rare occasions, you may see a commissions immediately after you start.

Luck plays a part, but it requires you to have people who are interested in your chosen niche among your current social network.

Some make sales in a day on  TikTok, should they become viral; it took me a few weeks to make my first sale there (I didn't go viral!).

With Facebook organic, you can start making sales in roughly two weeks. With YouTube, I started making sales in under a month’s time.

Blogging takes 3-6 months to reach traction; shortly thereafter, I normally make my first sales.

Your affiliate marketing mentoring will be for me if ...

I'd be delighted to assist if you require help in your business and you're a motivated and coachable individual who wants the right person to set you on the right path and guide you along the way.

But we're probably not a good fit if...

You will most likely not benefit from using this service if you operate in an adult entertainment niche, or if you're not capable of following my instruction.

Results oriented affiliate marketing coaching

The results that I have gotten by working with a coach vastly outweigh any information product that I have bought. And you doubtlessly realize that affiliate marketer coaching is the approach you must get your business on track. Our goal is for each student to make progress and attain meaningful breakthroughs during their coaching with us.

How to get started with the coaching?

Simply visit our dedicated site, and then watch the case study video to get started.

Thanks for reading this far!

God bless!

P.S. if any of this article sounds a bit weird, I'm experimenting with a new AI writing assistant!

About the author 

I'm John Wilson and I am a full time internet marketer and home business entrepreneur based between Scotland and California. My aim with this blog is to help you to grow your business online, just like I did. Read my full story here.

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