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how to earn money online

How many blog posts are there about how to earn money online?

Thousands? Millions? Too many?

Perhaps. However, there is a problem.

The majority of them are just sales pitches that are aimed at convincing you to register for some training session, webinar, seminar, or some other way to be a successful online entrepreneur.

Many actually give online money making opportunities a bad reputation. Nonetheless, it is very possible to earn money online. I mean, the individuals selling all those multi-millionaire pitches are making money online, right?


There are many legal ways to earn money online. The real issue is that these legitimate ways to earn a living online aren’t what you'd call 'get rich quick’ schemes. A majority of them need a lot of work and at times a lot of dedication before you can achieve a sizeable income.

However, if you genuinely seek to earn money online, turn an idea into a global business, or simply work from home, you can do it. In this post, we will focus on 3 surefire methods how to earn money online.

1. How to Earn Money Online with Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is simply a fancy way of saying: “selling stuff on the internet”.

Internet marketing is a mixture of several marketing strategies. A few of these marketing strategies are:

  • Social network marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Email marketing

  • Content marketing

  • Network marketing

  • Affiliate marketing.

In order to succeed at internet marketing, it is recommended to join an established internet marketing program that has all the tools and training you need to succeed.

We recommend this because:

  • Why “reinvent the wheel” when you can have it done for you?

  • Starting from scratch will consume a lot of time and might take several months and even years before you get good results.

  • You don’t have to create your own stuff to sell; a quality “product” is supplied for you.

To give you a flavor of internet marketing, in this post, we will give a short introduction to a couple of popular internet marketing strategies: search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing.

earn money online with seo

SEO: only a great strategy if you have a great product!

How to Earn Money Online with SEO

What is SEO?

When one thinks about internet marketing, the first thing that comes into mind is search engines.

SEO is used to improve the ranking of sites in the search results. It is a known fact that 95% of users typically click on the site that appears on the first page results of Bing, Yahoo! or Google. You can see how a good ranking is vital for any online entrepreneur.

Creating a robust SEO strategy that will enable you to earn money online involves picking relevant keywords and creating valuable content that is connected to those keywords. However, using keywords alone may not improve your site’s ranking.

Apart from relevant keywords and valuable content, a solid SEO strategy should include:

  • Both content and images
  • Backlinks from respected (and relevant) sites
  • A site that loads quickly and is mobile compatible.

Before you embark on an SEO campaign make sure that you have a product that is of value to the users. Creating just a strong SEO program based on a product that the masses do not want will result in failure.

If you do not have a product of your own to promote, joining an internet marketing program is your best bet as you will be able to promote products that are in demand and at the same time earn money online.

Earn Money Online with Social Media Marketing

Social media can bring profits as well as connections with friends!

How to Earn Money Online with Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

For some individuals, social media is just a way to keep in touch with old friends. But for those who want to earn money online, social media is a way to tie content marketing and SEO together.

Today, search engines like Bing and Google take into consideration the number of social media “shares” that a page has when they rank that specific piece of content.

Social media has become the primary way of sharing content. Social sites such StumbleUpon, Google, Facebook and Twitter permit their users to share valuable content with other users on their network.

Research has shown that users are more likely to trust content which has been shared by individuals that they know so any content shared will count in your site ranking.

To fully exploit a social media strategy, you must interact with your followers and build a genuine community. Show them that you are available by allowing them to voice concerns, ask questions, and even complain. You can then tackle these disputes in a professional manner.

Just as with other internet marketing strategies, you will need a good product to promote. To earn money online through this strategy enroll to a respectable internet marketing program.

earn money online

Earn money online wherever you have your laptop and Wi-Fi!

2. How to Earn Money Online Blogging

Before we look at how to earn money online with blogging, first let’s get our expectations right. A majority of those who start blogs do not become rich.

To become one of those who achieves a sizeable income from blogging will take both time, hard work and persistence. Here are a few ways to earn money online from your blog:

  • Google AdSense

  • Affiliate programs

  • E-book sales

  • Continuity programs

  • Sponsorships/private Ad sales

  • Chitika

  • Amazon Associates

  • ProBlogger Job Boards.

To start a successful blog, make sure that you use a blogging system that comes with all the tools that you need to build and run a real online business. You cannot get wealthy by just posting random ideas on the internet; you need to plan and execute your blog with intentionality.

3. How to Earn Money Online Taking Surveys

Online surveys are a great way to increase your income with minimal effort and in your own time.

Surveyors are usually looking for particular types of individuals, and you many not qualify for all the surveys. You might be a 25-year old and they want a 60-year old- couch potato.

A majority of survey firms provide screener surveys when you sign up, which normally you don't get paid for. Nonetheless, it is an essential step, and it is worth the little extra time that it takes to complete the screening surveys.

Taking Surveys for Money

Good Earnings are Possible Part or "Full" Time

The more demographic information the firms have on you, the more surveys they can let you fill. It is worth remembering that you will only be given surveys that you can really contribute to, so if you choose to not include all the information in the screener survey, you will get fewer surveys to complete.

If you want to fill more online surveys, always check your inbox for survey opportunities. Some firms provide surveys more frequently than others. An individual survey website can only provide a few surveys to you in a given month. The more the sites you register to, the more the surveys you will be able to work on. You can set a rule in your email account so that whenever a new survey email comes, it is automatically flagged and you get a loud notification sound.

Once you have several surveys to complete, you can be selective and only choose the ones that offer more money. If you happen to have adequate time, you can do all of them. You can also decide to ignore them all, as you are not under any obligation to complete them.

How to Find Legitimate Survey Websites

When searching, always be wary. There are several legit survey firms out there and good money can be made from them. This means that there will be deceitful individuals out there looking to make a quick buck without having to work for it. Here is how to detect scam sites:

  • Do not pay upfront. Some sites may ask you to pay a certain small fees so that you can complete their surveys. This totally unnecessary.

  • Make sure that you will get your payments in cash. There are numerous surveys on the web which can be done for cash. However, some only pay in gift cards and others force you to enter sweepstakes. To earn money online stick to those that pay in cash only.

How to Earn Money Online: Conclusion

If you want to earn money online, you must be ready to sacrifice your time and be fully dedicate to it. If you get serious and consider it as a business, you will be successful. With time, it could be your full-time job and you will be able to rely on your revenue to take care of your bills and other expenses.

In this article, we delved into three ways how to earn money online. We hope that one of these fits your personality and circumstances and you’re able to take your first steps to making a full time living online!

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