Business Opportunity Leads


Business Opportunity Leads

One of the challenges that many MLM distributors face is generating business opportunity leads. If you have made a wise choice in selecting an MLM company that has a great product, this can provide a great foundation for creating satisfied customers.

This can be considered a “backdoor” approach to creating a downline because one satisfied customer will tell another, and it will again start the sponsoring and retailing cycle.


“Game-Changing” Business Opportunity Leads Generation System

This article mainly focuses on innovative but yet still very “old-school” methods of MLM lead generation. And that’s totally fine. These methods have worked since the dawn of MLM-time and may be for you if you want to take a more traditional approach.


If you’re like us and you see the internet for the radical MLM game-changer that it is and would like to leverage it to the max -- like we do -- then go ahead and check out how we do it.

Ask yourself this question: will you be comfortable in converting your distributors into customers or customers into distributors?

Before investing your cash into business opportunity leads development systems, you need to ensure that your recruiting strategy matches the style of your company and your promotional campaign.

How to Generate Business Opportunity Leads?

You should have complete knowledge about your products and compensation plan. You should also know how to access the support systems of your company and make sure you have the backup support of your sponsor.

Taking care of these points will prepare you for sponsoring success. Before you begin to generate business opportunity leads, be sure that you have the necessary skills to convert them into members of your company. (Or at least have access to someone who can do this for you, i.e. your sponsor!) Failure to do this is a surefire recipe for disappointment.

The following is a the list of our top ten business opportunity leads development systems and how can they be accessed cost-effectively.

1. Personal acquaintances

One of the first sponsoring strategies is known as “warm market”. This includes your relatives, friends, co-workers and other people who are close to you. MLM companies often provide a “who do you know?” form which you can complete in order to list these contacts.

You probably know more people than you think you do; you can create a list and use it to drive your recruiting process.

2. Referrals from acquaintances and customers

Every person on your list has a warm list of their own acquaintances that may not be known to you. This is a powerful method as referrals from these people will be an implied endorsement of your program and of you.

3. Brochures, buttons and business cards

To help the cold sponsoring process, many companies offer sales aids. Someone who owns a store would put an “open for business” sign outside it. You can instead wear an “open for business” button. By doing so, some people may enquire you about it; such people could be great prospects as they are outgoing.

You can share your business card with such people and you can pass on the literature via email or phone. By doing this consistently, something will surely happen in your favor.

4. MLM trade journal advertising

A properly placed and well-written ad can create some great contacts. You may not get a high volume of inquires, as these publications are mostly read by very experienced distributors who daily see many offerings. Those that you do get, however, are likely to be of a high calibre.

You have to really stand out in order to impress these distributors. Some publications may also offer a press release that when accompanying your ad can really enhance inquiries.

5. DVD or Online video sponsoring

business opportunity lead generation

You can use an engaging DVD or more cost-effective online video presentation, optionally accompanied by a brochure. DVDs and online videos are automatic merchandisers/recruiters that can encourage people to take action.

Opportunity videos are also very important but many recruiters that are doing well lead with a great product video. You can make people more open to the business once they start appreciating you product offerings.

6. Ads in local newspapers

You can pull a lot of leads with properly handled classified ads. Weekly newspapers are generally inexpensive and this method can also be used to reach different people to your website.

You need to be very careful in your investment as getting leads may be easy but converting leads into productive areas of your company can be hard work.

This strategy will help you in getting results that will improve your training skills and cold sponsoring skills.

7. Internet

For a successful distributor, it has become mandatory to have a personal website that is linked to the company’s website. Your email and web addresses are considered as the technological version of brochures and business cards.

Internet recruiting requires some specialist knowledge to attract people to view your webpage; without this, it can only be used as a support tool.

8. Card decks

Card decks are group mailings of flyers or postcards to promote your business or any special offer. Write something that targets the specific prospects that you desire. Discounts and free samples always work well.

mlm lead generation system

Trade shows: one way to generate business opportunity leads

9. Trade shows, festivals and fairs

Trade shows, festivals, and fairs can also be very beneficial for you in creating business opportunity leads. You can set up a booth in different festivals where you can display your product offerings to get the attention of others.

Don’t forget to focus on creating leads for new recruits instead of just selling your products.

10. Direct-mail lists, fax and e-mail broadcast lists

There are various mailing list companies that can give access to databases that cater to specific interests. To generate business opportunity leads, it is important to create a good letter that offers a free DVD or sample product. By broadcasting fax or email you can get prospects faster.

In this way, you can drive your leads to your website. There are many professional companies out there who can help you.

Business Opportunity Leads Conclusion

So now you have a grasp of some of the more “old-school” ways to generate business opportunity leads, we recommend you discover how the new breed of MLM superstars are blowing their businesses up online.

Happy prospecting!

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